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Multiple Poll Script

Poll Script 1.0.4

Advanced Poll is a polling system with powerful administration tool supports both text file and MySQL database. Its features include multiple...

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Qphp Voting Poll Script 1.III

Qphp Voting Poll Script is a Unix compatible CGI supported voting/poll script has been tested on thousands of records and million of votes, it...


2daybiz Poll Script

Website Poll PHP Script Our Online PHP Voting Script Software provides an easy and efficient way to manage simple Polls without technical...

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Vote or User Poll Script Writer (With a db and IP Capture)

This is an article that clearly explains about generating online polls. This tutorial provides script for the webmasters to let them create dynamic...


2daybiz Polls Script 1.4

Poll Scripts Php, Multiple Poll Script, Online Poll Software, Online Poll Script, Online Polling Software, Ip Logger Php Script, Online Polling...

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Gr8 Multiple Search Engine Script 1.5

Gr8 Multiple Search Script allows you to search same keyword in multiple sites on single window you don't need to open all sites just using tabs...

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Flash MX poll 1.0

Flash MX poll. It allow a multiple poll management through a flash admin panel. You can see a demo of this admin file at:...


Flash Poll 1.0

Flash Poll is a Flash/PHP-based poll script that uses MySQL to store data. It includes an admin for creating polls, and uses cookies to prevent...


kV Poll 2.0

This is a simple poll script, that has good features. / Easy to use install script / Add/Delete Polls / Turn polls on or off / Random Poll...


Poll ?

Poll is a multi-platform compatible poll script for all those people thathave polls on their home page.


Answers 2000 PHP Essential Scripts 1.00

This is a collection of scripts include our top site script (run your own top site), poll script (run multiple polls), click/counter tracker which...


Essential Scripts for Webmasters 1.00

This collection includes our top site script, poll script (run multiple polls), click/counter tracker which silently counts visitors to any of your...


SimplePoll 1.0

This is a simple poll script written in PHP. Features: IP and/or cookie tracking to prevent multiple votes,- Admin interface to set up a current...


AJPoll 1.0

AJPoll is a database driven ASP poll script.


Free-PHP SimplePoll 1.0

This poll script employs a simple to use admin interface and template customizations to adapt the poll to the design of your site. Setup unlimited...



PollVote is a PHP software that provides solution to implement poll system on websites. It provides control to customize configuration settings....


QuickPoll 1

A poll script for gathering valuable information from your users.


Poll4All 1.2.1

Poll4All is a free PHP poll management system easy to install and customize.


OwenPoll 1.0

OwenPoll is a free easy-to-use poll management system, written using PHP.


Quick Polls 1.0 Beta

Add Voting Polls or Surveys to your web site with almost no effort. Create as many polls or surveys as you need. Supports up to 50 vote answers....

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