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Multiple Document Interface

Exchanger XML Editor 3.I

In addition to the new features such as Grid based editing, XSLT 2.0 Debugging using Saxon 8.4 (The Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor from Saxonica...


Multi MDB SQL 1.0

MultiMdbSql is an SQL editor and monitor that executes and displays results from multiple Access mdb files in a multiple document interface.


Web WT, Windowing Toolkit for HTML 2009.0926

Web WT entirely pluggable and customizable open-source Multiple Document Interface desktop system completely written in CSS and JavaScript.

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appmdi b

APP-MDI (Application Multiple Document Interface) is a library in ActionScript 3 for Flex application witch need an environment similar to desktop...

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Docking control 1.0.1

JaStDev's Docking control is a component library for WPF that helps you build complex Tabbed document interfaces.

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Exchanger XML Lite 3.II

The Exchanger XML Lite edition is completely free for home, academic or non-profit use. No registration required, no 30-day usage limit. /...


paFAQ 1.0 Beta 4

The paFAQ is a script written in PHP and uses MySQL for storing all the information. You can get information for any question easily at anytime....


Professional User Interface Suite II.23

Prof-UIS is used to enable users to generate professional windows applications using MFC extension library. This tool allows users to change MS...


smc MailList Professional

smc MailList Professional is a perl oriented programme that is more useful for the webmasters to manipulate their members contact details and to...


Support Information Tracker 1.0.5

The Support Information Tracker is a script written using PHP which is nothing but a FAQ knowledgebase system. The features that are available in...


textpad 4.7.2002

textpad is a full featured content management software that allows you to edit website contents and publishings with multiple language interface....



This is the Tapped Multiple Document Interace from Homesite 4.0.Specifications:Highlighting from HTML, Java, etc..Glyphs & Colours on TabSetPowerful

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Hex Editor

Hex Editor Software - Binary and Hex file editing tool for Windows with Multi-Window, Multi-Document Interface, Text Viewer, Advanced Search and...

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Diagramm Editor 2.5.2

This is program for creation and edition block-diagram. Multi-document interface allows you work with more then one block-diagram in same time....

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ThtmlViewer & TFrameViewer 9.32

The ThtmlViewer and TFrameViewer components provide an easy way to display HTML documents in a Delphi applications. ThtmlViewer supports single...

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mCtrl 0.9.0

mCtrl is C library providing set of additional user interface controls for Windows, intended to be complementary to standard Win32API controls from...

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pytkapp 0.1.0

Description=========Python package for develop an application that providemulti-documents/single-document interface with using of tkinter library...

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DBAppFrame 1.0

DBAppFrame should provide an application framework supporting modules and database access through an multiple-database-interface.


start Java development tool 1.0

The startJ is a small but very powerful java integrated development environment, which provides multiple document edit, code reformat, compile,...

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OpenTouch 1.0

An environment for multi-modal input devices, allowing for gestural and multiple point interface.