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Mult User Hourly Planner

Akti Planner 2.17

Akti Planner is a visual time organizer and tracker that can manage several people schedules simultaneously. It features the unique ability of...

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A Multi User Availability Calendar 1.2

A Multi User Availability Booking Calendar is a great Flash/PHP calendar script that can be used anywhere where booking and availability needs to...

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HarePoint User Catalog for SharePoint 1.3.279

Add the searchable employee directory page with contact data and photo on SharePoint 2010 portal to display all the employee profiles and view your...

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View User Agent 1.0.4

Displays the user agent of a session on the admin page


User Gag 1.0.1

By choosing a particular user you make that user see all posts in binary code


Absent User 1.1.7

If an user is on holidays, ill or simply not on the board for a longer time, he/she can set to be absent with this mod.


Verified User 2.2.1

To make the board more personally this mod users will be able to verify other user if they know them in the real live.


User Tracking with Admin 1.40.2

Complete version of this WONDERFULL modification with an integrated ADMIN area to set: - User Tracking on/off - User Tracking (exclude this...


LDAP User Management System 0.4

LDAP User Management System is an LDAP administration library written in PHP.


php User Base 1.0

php User Base is a basic user management system.


LDAP User Management 0.61a 1.0

LDAP User Management application is a LDAP user management system that uses PHP to create an easy to use interface.


Pigeon Planner 1.6.2

Pigeon Planner aims to be a simple to use pigeon database.

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Care Planner 1.0

Care Planner is a care scheduler aimed at SME's and other organisations providing care for the elderly.


.NET User Engine Pro with Email Validation 2.0

UserEnginePro.NET is a simple, adjustable, well commented User Signup and Authentication system.It contains user signup, login, forgotten password,...


A better form of user and webmaster communication

This is a tutorial which tells the users how to handle a form for communicating with the webmasters to send messages with php. This tutorial...


A Complete, Secure User Login System

This PHP Builder column by Tim Perdue explains the user login system and relation functions, alongside the code, that they use at PHP Builder.


ABTi User Feedback 1.0

This script enables site owners to get user comments, as well as user profiles. Users can view the comments and the site owner can edit them.


Active User Counter 1

Active User Counter is a multi-platform compatible site Web Wiz GuideThis site covers many aspects of web site design and development and has...


Active User Panel 2

Active User Panel makes use of cookies. It creates a panel for registering for members only area. It allows members to list a few of their own...


ActiveX Windows group and user account Manager 2.III

Contains simple objects for creating, deleting, managing and enumerating user accounts, groups, servers and domains. You can change any of the user...