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Monoalphabetic Cipher

aspEasyCrypt 1.0

This component is based on the DEC component by Hagen Reddmann that is also freeware. aspEasyCrypt allows you to hash, cipher and make checksum on...


Cryptomak Cipher Tools 1..1

Cryptomak is a PHP program that uses the website, Phrame for building a MVC (Model, View, Controller) on PHP included websites. It encrypts and...



Easy3DESCrypt is a javascript program capable of encrypting data and used in online banking and credit card applications. This program uses CBC...


Ice Encryption Algorithm

A 64-bit private-key block cipher, similar to DES.


1 Click Encrypt 1.4

A powerful encryption utility that brings military strength encryption with just one click. It is very fast, comfortable and safe!It is simple one...

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Helix Cipher using assembler 1.1

Most cryptographic ciphers can be sped up sigificantly when implemented in assembler. It is one of the few pieces of software where using assembler...

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JEnigma 1.0

JEnigma is a java API to implement the Enigma cipher, as used by the Enigma encryption machine.

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Cryptographic Text Converter 1.0

TextConverter is a graphical text editor allowing the user to encrypt/decrypt the textual contents displayed on the screen using a 128-bit AES...

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leading zero 0.1

Generate a number output with leading zeros in a defined range and cipher count.

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FineCrypt 8.1

Professional encryption tool with the following features: highly secure encryption with a single mouse click; secure communication with other users...


SecExFile Home

SecExFile brings one-click file protection to the desktop. It integrates with Windows Explorer to make securing your personal or corporate data...

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Chilkat Crypt

Add AES encryption or PKI-enable your apps or websites. Chilkat Crypt allows applications or websites to encrypt/decrypt data or files using the...

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Kryptos Developer 1.0

Kryptos developer allows programmers in any language supporting OCX or VCL controls to implement strong encryption in their aplications. Being a...

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MailBomb allows you to quickly and easily create a mail distribution using a similar method to the oMailMergeo function in Microsoft Word. Where...

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AecSLockPK 2.00

Protect your software with the power of public key encryption. PK encryption is recognized by experts as the only secure way to really protect...

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AecSLock shareware protection 1.11

aecSLock allows you to turn your applications into shareware with very little effort. SLock uses the famous Blowfish encryption algorithm to ensure...

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GVPE 2.01

GVPE creates a virtual ethernet (broadcasts supported, any protocol that works with a normal ethernet should work with GVPE) by creating encrypted...


fwknop 1.0.1

fwknop stands for the "FireWall KNock OPerator", and implements an authorization scheme called Single Packet Authorization (SPA) that is based...


db4o XTEA 20101206

XTEA (eXtended Tiny Encryption Algorithm) support for db4o open source object database.

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rEdEyEs 1.0

Combined coded remote-administrative service with SSL secure port scan, anonymous routing and third-party plugin inbuilt for quick and automatic...