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Mini Project Topics In Multimedia Tools


AceProject is an ASP built software using which you can adminster your software projects more effectively. Any number of projects can be created...


Epiware web based project management 2.I

Epiware is a secure web-based project management application with tools for document storage, multi-level administration, and project...


Professional XML Schemas

Suitable for virtually any XML designer or developer, Professional XML Schemas provides a challenging, in-depth guide to state-of-the-art XML...


CDDB Component 1.0

Component to access the CDDB server in combination with the TMMCDreader component (part of Multimedia Tools for Delphi and C++ Builder).

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MySQL for GRID 1.0

This project will include some tools to manage mysql replication and to help its integration in modern scientific computational GRID environment.

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Extra CruiseControl 0.5.0

That project aims at providing tools and code to be used in C++ projects that use CppUnit and/or trac, to be able to include them easily in...

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IntelliX Java collaborative editor beta2

IntelliX Java collaborative editor is the first editor for Java that uses multimedia tools for development.

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BDNumis 1.0

This project aims to provide tools for Numismatic research.



This is a php online community where a project management method is available for the open source IT projects. This community provides the...


Accelebrate ASP.NET Training

Accelebrate conducts customized classes for the participants to reach their goals. Apart from ASP.NET training they also conduct training in...


Asp Web Wiz Forums v6.21

Asp Web Wiz Forums is a multi-platform compatible script that is free ready to run discussion forum application featuring: WYSIWYG post editor,...


ASP.NET Web Service

From this web service tutorial learners can create a web service based on ASP.NET easily by their own. This article discusses different topics in...



Aspose.Office is a .NET documentation application through which user can generate documentation application with the help of functionalities that...


C# Developer's Guide to ASP.NET, XML, and ADO.NET

Jeffrey P. McManus is a developer and speaker specializing in Microsoft tools. As a developer, he has specialized in online application development...


Copper 2004

Copper 2004 is a collabration tool between administrator and project team that is designed to support PHP websites. Organisational units are...


Developing a full-text indexer in Python

This column discusses a Python project of mine, the indexer module, and it has an additional purpose: Like you, I am always trying to learn more,...

Freeware is a website which has various information about the latest development in softwares. This site provides all the important information...


Discussion Forum Board Beta2

The author narrates about generating a discussion forum. This article helps the webmasters to learn to work with OleDb.NET, Databind DataGrid's to...


Easy FAQ

Easy FAQ suits to run an effective FAQ system with the help of PHP script on your dynamic website. You can create your own FAQs with multiple...


EPIware Project Managment 1.0.5

A secure webbased project management application with tools for document storage, multi-level admin and project collaboration. Ideal for...