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Mini Project Mobile Shop Managemusing Vb

Unit Converter using PHP and HTML 1.0

This is a simple unit converter done using PHP and HTML.

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Mini Web Shop 1.0

Mini Web Shop is multi-platform compatible e-commerce PHP script that has an online web shop, shopping cart (based on cookies), fully functions...


VUPT Mobile Open Source Project 1.0

VUPT is open source mobile application software that provides solutions to Mobiles which follow MIDP 2.


PHP-Mobile Project 1.0

This project is for carrying language PHP for mobiles platforms (PalmOS and others).


Keeping VB Components Compatible

Keeping VB Components Compatible is an user friendly tutorial in which the author elaborates about the methods of choosing a perfect compatiblity...


ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional

Barcode Professional Mobile WebControl generates on-fly barcode images for ASP.NET Mobile Web Applications. It can generate the most popular Linear...

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Mobile ImageDraw

Use all the potential of GDI+ in your ASP.NET Mobile Applications. You can use ImageDraw to deliver real time dynamically generated images such as...

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Project Browser+ 4.3.95

Project Browser+ v4.3 is a new and improved project explorer for VB6! Integrating every usable portion of the VB6 extensibility interface, all...

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Large Shop Icons 2011.1

The collection of Large Shop Icons includes images in sizes from 16x16 pixels to 512x512 pixels, in file formats of ICO, BMP and PNG. All the icons...

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Mobile Application Studio 1.0

An open source project is initiated as "Mobile Application Studio" to achieve portable communication methods.


The GREDIA Project 1.0

The GREDIA project delivers an application development platform for the design, development and deployment of secure, mobile Grid business...


JVx mobile 1.0

This project brings JVx applications to mobile devices as real native applications.


Mobile information center 1.0

This project will create a mobile based information center for students and staff members, allowing students to receive their attendance and...


mobile control GPX package 0.1

mobile control GPX project providesjava implementation of a GPX data format

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VB Packager And Compiler 1.0

Portable , Faster, Smaller EXE No Runtime Needed anymore , without needed of ActiveX or Ocx Or Dll all you need to do is scan the project file to...

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InfoNU Open Source Mobile Marketing 1.0

The InfoNU open source mobile marketing project delivers open source marketing/communication building blocks to the InfoNU mobile marketing platform.


XML documentation for 1.0

This project is initiated to generate proper XML Documentation files with intelligent documentation from VB.


Mobile Robotics 10

Mobile Robotics is a java project developing wireless communication using bluetooth between a hand-held (palm, cellular phone) to a Lego Mindstorm...

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Mobile Interface Framework (MIF) 1.0

The Mobile Interface Framework (MIF) project aims to produce a license fee free widget set designed specifically for mobile devices.


ZK Mobile 1.0

ZK Mobile is the project for community collaboration to develop ZK extensions on mobile devices, such as JavaME, Android, Window Mobile, and so on.