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Elegant MDI Interface 4.0

This component is a new elegant realiztion of the old MDI interface. All windows (MDIChild) will be presented as buttons on autohidden panel. User...


AbsoluteEdit 1.I

AbsoluteEdit is a powerful HTML editor that enables webmasters to edit ASP and ASP.NET programs. You can highlight syntax, create automatic member...


Tito Web Studio 1.0

Tito Web Studio currently includes two main functionalities: JavaScript Debug and JavaScript Profile. More information about HTML and JavaScript...


Top PHP Studio

An IDE for developers to easily edit and test PHP scripts. It offers an internal HTTP server, internal browser, built-in FTP client, code explorer,...


TdsTaskBar 1.14

TdsTaskBar is just like Windows taskbar. Author uses it in MDI applications to show MDIchilds. It's a small component, easy to understand.Can...

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llTaskBar looks like Windows taskbar. You can place this component in the main window of your MDI Application and forgot about management of the...

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TB2Merge 1.1b

Utility unit for Toolbar2000 and derived components like TBX or SpTBX to merge two sets of toolbar items together (like with the automatic merge...

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Founder Library 2.2

Founder Library it is a set from more than 50 original components realizing the most common elements Microsoft Office 97. Menus and Toolbars like...

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JFControls Standard 40123

The most powerful, integrated and innovative group of components conceived for both Delphi and C++Builder. Features:New packages technology...

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TFSWSet Datamodule 1.0

This component is used to link datamodules to forms at run-time. It makes using datamodules with MDI Child forms easy.

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Database Utilities 1.4

Database Utilities is an enhanced MDI Database Desktop Utility, with features provided to enhance database creation, editing, configuration,...

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dbonefile 1.1

DBOneFile is an usefull component that gives you the possibility of generate,from many files, only a compressed file. When you work with MDI...

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Webniac webpage editor 1.3

Webniac is multilingual MDI-based webpage editor with features like: Syntax highlight for HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, VBScript, PHP, Perl and...

1.4 MB tiny hexer 1.0.1

editor for binary files which allows you to edit multiple files (mdi), read sectors of disks and other data media and modifiy virtual memory of...

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SSuite Classic Office 1.0

Full version of SSuite Classic Office. Contains the following Applications:E-mailMy Web Browser ProSSuite Personal OfficeSpreadsheet - MDI - ( With...

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Andre's Program Engine 1.05

Andre's Program Engine (APE) components simplifies a creation MDI-applications, such as program for working with databases. Make ApeDialog with...

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MDITools Evaluation 1.0

MDITools is a very powerful component for the use in MDI applications. It allows you to easily access the MDI client window. It does not only...

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TTiler 1.4.2

Event wanted to tile your (MDI) form background? It looks cool and it's easy to do... if you use the TTiler component. Supports tiling, centering,...

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MiTeC MDI Tab Control 1.4

Component for MDI children control with no affection of MDI child source.

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ImageBkGnd 1.5

ImageBkGnd let you put a image on the client zone of MDI Form. It inherited directly from TImage and the new property is Tile, that let you tile...

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