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Mantis Project Management Tool Bi

ASP Project Management 1.0

ASP Project Management: designed to be a simple and fast project management tool.


TaskJuggler 1.0

TaskJuggler is a modern and powerful project management tool.


Streber 0.0803

Streber is a free wiki driven project management tool written in php5.


Easy Projects .NET 5.0

Easy Projects .NET is the easiest all-in-one web based project management software . It is called "Easy Projects" because it was specially designed...

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RationalPlan Single Project 4.7.5

RationalPlan Single Project is a project management software covering the project management areas starting with WBS construction, project planning...

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Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part 4.0.0

Virto Gantt Chart Web Part for SharePoint is a practical project management web part designed for displaying and managing SharePoint tasks in Gantt...

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Copper 2004 :: Groupware Project Management Server 2.1

A project management tool that allows teams to collaborate more effectively. A modular application that allows you to share and manage files,...


Project Pack

A web-based project management tool which provides a unified platform for your clients so that they can interact from one single point with various...


Project Pack - Unified client interaction and project management software

Project Pack is a web based project management tool which provides a unified platform for your clients so that they can interact from one single...


Winds of Scrum 1.0

Web-based Scrum project management tool.


LeanPM 1.0

LeanPM is an agile project management tool.

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Vermis 130.20110130

Vermis is an Open Source issue tracker and project management tool for software developers and project managers that has been created for improving...

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Digaboard 1001.09.19.2009

Visual project management tool that will complement Kanban, Scrum (or any stand-up) that uses a whiteboard with stickies for visualizing the tasks...

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phnix 1.0

A project management tool write by PHP.


webscrum 1.0

Webscrum is a project management tool following the idea of Scrum, based on web technology


Mandible for Ant 0.8

Mandible is an ant driven project management tool.

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Porc - Project Oriented Revision Control 1.0

Porc is both a graphical front-end for CVS and a Project management tool, and it provides some interesting extra functionality on top of CVS.


Project Dune 1.6.3

Project Dune is a software project management tool to manage your estimates, project information, issues, releases, scrum tasks, timesheets and...

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Retrospectiva 1.0

Web based project management tool for software development projects.


Pinnus 1.0

Pinnus is a project management tool for Extremme Programming.