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United Kingdom Currency GBP 1

Add this to the currencies table to add the UK Currency (GBP) to the currency list.


KingDOM Inspector 1.0

A cross-browser Document Object Model inspector based upon the successful DOM Inspector provided with Firefox.

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Amazon Link MOD 1.0.5a

This MOD adds a link to Amazon in on viewforum.php which searches Amazon for the topic title. It's fully customisable and very useful for those...


Simuland b0.4.5

Simuland is an online PHP gaming application. This allows the user to build their own business kingdom and to compete with other business and excel...


UK Postal Rates 1.0

Basically what I have done is use the existing "Zone Rate" and increased the number of zones to 4 this gives me Zone 1 for United Kingdom (GB),...


AnyChart Flash Map Component

Anychart Flash Maps Flexible XML-Driven solution: US, World, US Counties. You can add background and captions, XML data file and a set of...

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E.U. VAT Intracom Number 5.0

New separated VAT number menu in the admin configuration menu.


Transformer: A Procedure to Estimate Proximate Analysis 1.0

It can be used to measure the total concentration of carbohydrate, protein, and lipid contents from solid wastes.


Knight Sword Game 1.0

A small Java based game.