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openPLM - open source PLM 1.2

open source PLM system - Product Structure management (BOM management) system and Electronic documents management or Entreprise Content Management...

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Open Source GlassFish Software Appliance 1.0

Open Source Application Server Appliance based on Open Source GlassFish

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Open Source PL/SQL 1.0

The Open Source PL/SQL project is a collaborative effort by developers to create variety of Oracle packages - available free of charge.


OSMWP Open Source Mobile Widget Platform 1.0

The Open Source Mobile Widget Platform is an Orange initiative to bring a complete software stack (client and server side) for distribution of...


Open Source JCalendar 1.0

Open Source JCalendar is a Java SWING Calendar / DateTime Picker component which allows you to pick date and time from a Dialog.


Kimbaya - Open Source Firebird designer 1.0

I've been googling and I didn't find a good open source IDE for managing/designing Firebird databases (and obviusly I don't want to use...


i3SP Open Source Projects rc

A collection of open source projects produced by i3SP Pty Ltd.

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Open Source Asset Data Model 1.0

The open-source project for development, analysing and installation of (Asset-Control) Asset Data Model(s), through Eclipse.


open source screenplays 1.0

Open Source Screenplays is a web-based project to speed the process of writing and documenting scripts, screenplays, and treatments in groups...


Open Source Book Collector 1.0

"Open Source Book Collector"The main purpose of this utility is to provide a complete solution fororganizing and accessing data of eBooks.


Secure Open Source Project 1.0

The Secure Open Source Project is software for physical security and access control.

Freeware 1.0

A hosting system built completely on open source components.


Open Source Data Quality and Profiling 5.4

This project is dedicated to open source data quality and data management initiatives.

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zMS Open Source 1.0

zMS is a open source game that will advance RPG games.

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Internet Explorer Open Source 1.0

Internet Explorer Open Source, The Open Source version of the browser coming standard with Windows.


Jitterbit - Open Source Integration 1.0

Jitterbit is an open source integration tool that delivers a quick and simple way to design, configure, test, and deploy integration solutions.

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Open Source Tracker 1.0

Open Source Tracker is a middleware for electronic traceability of food message, e.

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XML based Open Source Survey Standard 1.0

Open Source standard for survey software to export/import survey metadata and survey data based on xml and a xsl based frontend implementation.


VOpenCHR - Open Source VERGE CHR Editor 32.0.5

VOpenCHR is an Open Source VERGE CHR Editor that aims to edit CHR (sprite) files for all VERGE versions.

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Open Source Development CMS rc

This is a research project yielding a basis for a configuration management system (CMS) designed around the open source development (OSD) process.

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