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Job Portal Use Case Diagram

I-Netsolution PHP Job Site Script 2.0.4

... objective of this Job Portal is to ease ... can search for jobs, post a Resume, apply for jobs, etc. iNet Job Portal php script very ... new php based job portal it allows users/members to search for jobs and it also allows users to post their resumes. Users are able to search job listings for free ... create and post job listings. Employers are ... resumes posted by users that are looking ... employment opportunities and jobs. This job site script is mainly developed for job-seekers to upload ... to post their Jobs or view resumes ... developed for administrator, job seeker and employer ...

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Turnkey Recruitment Website Job Portal by StivaSoft

... fully-working online job portal. You get ready-made job search website with ... you to manage job offers, categories, applicants' ...

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Job Listing Script 3.0

Job Listing Script is a PHP job board software for managing online job search engine and job classifieds. Use the Stivasoft job board script to create your job search website or ... to add a job search feature. Job seekers can search ... location, type of job or company name Companies and job agencies can create ... unlimited number of job classifieds, create full ... resumes. Using the Job Listing Script you ... choice, altogether with job types, categories, language ... URLs of your job ads and optimize your job board website for search engines. The Job Listing Script provides ... of your own job listings using an ... to install the job board script onto ... account. Webmasters can use the Job Listing Script for ... and modify the job script to fit ...

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Turnkey Job Portal 2.0

... recruitment agencies. With Job Portal you can get ... mobile optimised multilingual job website for less ... key' of your job website, it takes ... manage website content, job ads, applicants and companies. The job portal package comes with ... system with integrated job classifieds module, candidate ...

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Ez Monster Clone

... is a ready Job-Portal and the best ... Purchase packages, Post jobs, Renew expired jobs, Unlimited companies in ...

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EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5

EventStudio is a CASE tool for Sequence Diagram, Call Flow, Message Sequence Chart, Use Case and Process Workflows ... and automatically generate diagrams in PDF and ...

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Job Listing Script by StivaSoft 2.0

Job Listing Script is ... software for managing job board websites. Through ... based admin our job board software provides ... way to manage job ads, job script options and ... & employees profiles. Job seekers will be able to search job offers and filter ... by multiple criteria: job type, category, keywords ... can create different job categories and types. With our job board software there ... the number of job ads that you ... add to your job listing site. Also ... many times each job ad has been ... post and manage job classifieds, see job seeker profiles. Job Listing Script sends ... applied for a job. Employees also can ... you can install job board script on ... have an online job portal within minutes. Our job board software can ... pages of the job listing script. A ... Licence of our job board software is ... Licence you can use the job script on all ... amendments to the job script. FREE installation ... included in both User and Developer packages ...

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UMLOnline 1.0

... application into the diagram editing software family ... implemented an online diagram editing platform which supports UML class diagrams and use case diagrams.

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2DayBiz Job Site Script 1.0

Jobsite is a browser ... start your own jobsite quickly and easily ... organized employment directory/archive. Jobsite is designed from ... feature-rich and user-friendly. Visitors can ... submit their own job reviews, report dead ... managing advertising banners Jobsite, a powerful search ...

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Social Network Portal Script - iScripts SocialWare

... a fully customizable, user-friendly social networking portal software. Create your ... chat, gift shop, job portal, album creation, music ... support, fully editable user profiles, job board, multilevel administration ...

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Jobs Portal 3.1

Jobs Portal is a software product for running job portal websites allowing the ... to post their jobs, the job seekers to sign ... resume, search for jobs etc. It is ... The employers can use different services on ... website like: posting jobs, make them featured, process the job applications, approve or ... the database with job seeker resumes and ...

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User interface logic in use case modeling

... gray area between user interfaces, system interfaces, and use case descriptions and also ... requirements gathering through use case modeling. It discusses ... of perspective in use case modeling. Also it ...


Probabilistic Database Benchmark Project 1.0

... and query generators, use case specifications, and ultimately ...


InrecoLAN Use-Case Machine 1.0

... applications directly from use case scenarios. Generalization, inclusion ... extension relations between use cases are also supported ...


TRUC - Tracking Requirements & Use Cases 0.12.0

... for requirement and use case tracking. It has ... discussions, version control, usecase history, build and ... of requirements & use-cases to releases and ...

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ArchSync 1.0

... keep architectural level Use Case Map specifications up ...


Use Case Maker 1.0

Use Case Maker helps software ... to write organized use cases and to maintain ...


UCWrite 1.0

UCWrite is an use case editor.


Use Case Describtor 1.0

The Use Case Describtor eases the ... to fully dressed use case describtions using XML ...


Simple Use Case Documentation Tool 1.2

... tool with a user interface to key in use case text and spell ... PDF documentation. Each use case will have the following captured.1) Use Case Name2) Page over ... 1) Open existing usecase for editing.2 ... copy of a use case with new use case name.3) Retain use case export order.4 ... section of a use case.All such use cases can be saved ... after arranging the usecases in your requried ...

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