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Javascript Api

dhtmlxMenu - Customizable Javascript Menu 1.0

dhtmlxMenu represents an excellent solution for web navigation. If you need to integrate DHTML or Javascript navigation system into your web...


FlashSound Javascript API 1.2.2001

FlashSound Javascript API is multi-platform compatible. These demos/tutorials are Flash sonified for Windows IE and Windows and Mac Netscape. You...


JSMF - JavaScript State Management Framework

JSMF provides your Web-based applications with a comprehensive mechanism to maintain state. This solution is made possible by utilizing frames...


qForms JavaScript API

HTML developers will find this JavaScript API very much useful as this can create interfaces to forms, which are highly complex but can be easily...


clobberscript 1.0

A PHP extension module that handles Javascript API calls from within PHP using PHP type functions.


JS Swing 0.1.1

An HTML UI framework in javascript language, providing a javascript API which is very similar as Java Swing API and using parts of Java Swing...

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log4js - A JavaScript Logging API 1.0

log4js is a JavaScript API for logging.

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The Vexi Platform 3.3835

Vexi is a rich GUI platform for creating desktop-like Internet or intranet applications using an intuitive XML/JavaScript API and an extensible...

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elaJa Framework 1.0

elaJa Framework is a Javascript API created to manage, in a cross-browser way, the following web technologies: DOM, CSS, Events and Ajax.

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Pro/ENGINEER Java and JavaScript Library 1.0

Libray for Pro/ENGINEERs Java and JavaScript API.


AnyMap JS Maps 8.4.0

AnyMap JS Maps is an advanced JavaScript-HTML5 mapping library with the ever-expanding Map Collection, which makes you able to easily create...

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GraphicsJS 1.2.0

GraphicsJS is a free, open-source JavaScript library for easily drawing any interactive HTML5 graphics and animation. It's lightweight and supports...


EJS TreeGrid 4.5

DHTML/AJAX component in JavaScript to display and edit data in tree, table, grid

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ASPNetFlash 2.6.0

ASPNetFlash - The ASP.Net Component for Adobe Flash media (.swf files). Add Flash movies to ASP.Net webpages. Powerful features include Xml &...

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dhtmlxFolders :: Ajax-based Item Browser

Ajax control to build file/image/item browser.

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Client-side flash based files upload control that allows upload multiple file at once without page reload. It has three different type of user...

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AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards 7.13.0

AnyChart is a flexible, cross-platform/browser, dependency-free JS chart library for adding interactive bar, area, pie, column, spline, scatter,...

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ASPNetVideo 2.0

ASP.Net Video - The Video Component allows streaming videos to be directly embedded into .Net ASPX web pages. The WebControl produces...

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SharpShooter Reports.Web 6.0.0

SharpShooter Reports.Web is the true cross platform report viewer intended for the creation and display of reports in any Web application. The...

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DHTMLX Scheduler.NET 1.0

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET is web-control that allows simple adding of a Google-like event calendar to your ASP.NET applications.

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