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Java Code For Gui To Insert With Jdbc


This project provides a simple facade for interacting with Java compilers, compiling Java code as strings to Java Classes.

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Counters Component

This article tells us about counter object which is created by counter component inorder to store, create, increment and retrieve any number of...


Intelligent data keeps Swing simple

This article explains how the iData architecture establishes a generic architecture that can integrate intelligent data with components of Swing...


Java Servlet Framework

Java Framework for building Web applications with out programming. Common functionality like new, edit, print-preview. List/detail or master/detail...


Using WebRequest and WebResponse in NETCOBOL for .NET

Using WebRequest and WebResponse in NETCOBOL for .NET is a web based tutorial in which the author describes the method of including the webRequest...


QuickIE 1.0

QuickIE allows you to take advantage of Internet Explorer's AboutURLs features. This mostly unknown features lets you type in about:food to go to...

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JDBC Manager

A pure Java (Swing) front end to connect with every DBMS (DataBase Manager System) that has a JDBC driver.

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Stored Procedure Access Generator 4 Java 1.0

spag4j is a code generator written in Java to produce Java code for accessing a stored procedure layer from a database.


XML For Swing 1.0

This tool creates JAVA classes for GUI development .


MOEA Framework 1.17

The MOEA Framework is a free and open source Java library for developing and experimenting with multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) and...

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Nasira 1.0

Nasira is a Java library for reading text files with non-ASCII characters (e.



olap4j is an open Java API for connecting to OLAP servers and writing analytic applications.

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RapidACE Templates 1.0

For templates to use with RapidACE: Rapid Architectural Consolidation Engine (it is a commercial product).


Java Code Meta Checker 0.2

MetaCheck is a java code checking utility to convert results from various code checking tools (jcsc, pmd, checkstyle, findbugs, .

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Collection of Java writen tools and libs 1.0

This is a collection of Java code, base packages to extend, to use out of the box, to compile and run.


CartKeeper Catalog

Unique e-commerce solution bolts on to Mals-e cart. Features unlimited pricing options, time limited category discounts, wholesale login,five...


Consuming a web service with command-line tools

Programmers or web developers can refer this tutorial for knowing more about the generation of web services based on .NET. The tutor gives several...


Frameless Window Popup Maker 5.0

Dump the ugly titlebar! Frameless Maker 5.0 creates copy-and-paste code for frameless (chromeless) windows -- with no titlebar or frame. Includes...


Khooj Meta News Engine

Khooj Meta News Engine is a php based search engine for news from all over the world. It looks and functions just like google news. It has a...


Scriptomizers - Set as Homepage Prompt

Scriptomizers - Set as Homepage Prompt implements the funcion as it name defines using javascript classes. Allows the webmasters to create a prompt...