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Insert Into Mysql Table Using Oracle

Creating a Membership System Tutorial

Building a login form using PHP with MySQL as backend for your web applications makes your webpage more interactive and bring visitors to your site...


Username, Password Login PHP and MySQL Example Site

This tutorial is about creating MySQL table using PHP and validating the user by Javascript. This script consists of 3 files including header and...


Datafeed-to-MySQL 1.0

This script is designed to parse properly formatted tab, comma, or pipe delimited datafeeds into MySQL table format. It will detect errors in the...


Yet Another dia2sql 0.9.5

Yet another tool to generate SQL statements from Dia XML files: CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW, CREATE TRIGGER, INSERT INTO, GRAND TABLE, and REVOKE.

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Connecting to a mySQL database

This is a tutorial where users can handle mySQL database using php. The author provides information to the users that they should know about the...


event log, web tracker & script profiler 1.0

A script, mainly to track traffic, script performance and errors and debug messages. / 4 functions are used to control the log: / The method...


Inserting records into a database table

The main core of this online tutorial is about inserting records into a database table. The author describes how to insert data into the table in...


Mynews Beta Fix 0.2

Mynews Beta Fix is written using PHP and MySQL as the database. It is used to fetch the news from MySQL table in a date wise order. It has many...


DBConvert for Oracle and MySQL 1.0.0

DBConvert for Oracle and MySQL: a tool for a quick and accurate database conversion from Oracle database to MySQL server. Migrate Oracle db to...

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Import/export of text files (CSV, XLS, XML, DBF, ASCII, SQL) from/to MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OleDB...

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Netbeans Java SQL Generator 0.2.6

The Netbeans IDE Plugin automatically generates SQL Code (currently for MySQL, PostgreSQL and JavaDB (Derby)) and Java database methods (Delete,...

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Active Server Flash Standard I.50

This is an effective program which can be used by the users to generate animated charts and graphs on their websites. It is possible to either save...


Add Records using an SQL statement

This is a simple tutorial that helps in inserting the records into the database table using the SQL statement. This tutorial does not use the...


Alternating Row Colors

Alternating Row Colors is a tutorial by Akash Goel for PHP coders. This tutorial in simple english tell us how to create a table and how to connect...


ASP.NET Tutorial: Delete records from SQL Server 2000 database using ADO.NET and Visual Basic.NET

This is a simple tutorial through which you can learn how to delete the data from the SQL-Server database table using ADO.NET objects through .NET....


Converting Access to MySQL

Any Access table can be converted to MySQL by using MyODBC. All the steps, with screen shots, are explained in this article.


DF Blackgate 1.II

If you are doing online business and thinking about the security!. DF Blackgate is for you, it is a security program allows only the users you want...



FEATURES: / Default Poll ? this feature allows you to easily set the "default poll". / If you have a lot of html or other pages on your site where...


DWodp pro 1.3.2002

DWodp is a software for a local web directory and can import the od's RDF and dumps into MySQL database, get back and search using PHP. The notable...


Easy banner rotation java script 1.0

Easy banner rotation java script is a tool to display several banner ads rotating on your page. With this JavaScript you can display a new banner...