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Insert Data To Mysql From Web Form

eFormMailer - Webs Easiest Form Mail 1.0.2

You will not find an easier or quickest way to create your online php mailform . - We have intentionally created eFormMailer to be extremely user...


INX Generic HTTP Poster DLL 1.0.3

This tool is used to send form data to any existing web applications. It is useful for the programmer who writes automated programmes. It offers...


POSTing Data with ASP.NET

POSTing Data with ASP.NET is an ASP.NET article in which author discusses about the codes which helps to post the web form data into the website...


dbQwikSync2mySQL 1.0

Do you need to move your data to mySQL? dbQwikSync2 is a lightweight easy to use data migration wizard that will save you hours of frustration...

1.9 MB

DBConvert for MS SQL & MySQL 2.1.0

DBConvert for MS SQL & MySQL with scheduler converts MS SQL to MySQL and MySQL to MS SQL database. You can save data to PHP script or to SQL file...

12.5 MB

Data Access Components for MySQL 5.90

MyDAC is an enhanced VCL/VCL.NET/CLX library for fast direct access to MySQL from Delphi, C++Builder, and Kylix. Includes full support for all...

3.2 MB

DBConvert for FoxPro & MySQL 2.1.0

DBConvert for MS FoxPro & MySQL converts MS FoxPro to MySQL, and MySQL to FoxPro. You can save data to MySQL Dump file to get over any restrictions...

18.2 MB

MyDAC 8.6

MyDAC is a library of components for direct access to MySQL from Delphi

18.3 MB

ASP Request Object

It is an effective web based ASP tutorial which would be useful for ASP learners to get detailed info on ASP objects. And it is clearly illustrated...


Building a Basic ASP.NET Web Form

Building a Basic ASP.NET Web Form is an ASP.NET article in which the author describes the step by step methods that have to be adapted to generate...


Building Basic Mobile Web Forms

Building Basic Mobile Web Forms is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author demonstrates about generating the mobile web forms for ASP.NET applications....


Creating Databound DropDown Lists in ASP.NET

This is an easy to learn tutorial for the readers. This tutorial helps web developers to add a list box web control using ASP.NET. In this tutorial...


Using a query string to send information

It is often needed to pass the values between pages and the ways to implement the sending process can be learnt quickly and easily through this web...


Habanero Pro v1.1

Habanero is an object-relational mapping (ORM) architecture for .Net that maps object-oriented code to relational databases. It persists data to...

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ASP.NET First Principles

ASP.NET First Principles is an ASP.NET article in which author elaborates about the method that has to be adapted to build the web form. The author...


Build A C# Webservice Consumer WebForm Application

This is an useful reference article which contains detailed descriptions and tips for the new developers that allows them to generate their web...


Client Side Validation in ASP.NET

Client Side Validation in ASP.NET is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the programmers can get guidelines about using the web form control and HTML...


CosmicFormMail 1

Form mail that includes email validation. It can be adapted to almost any web form. You select which fields are required and whether to send as...


Datamorph 1.XII

Datamorph is a powerful data conversion tool with which you can transform data to and from any database systems, XML documents, delimited and fixed...


dotEtive Socket 1.0

This is an ASP.NET networking component which is used for generating a socks enabled program using .NET that allows the users to migrate data to...