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Infix Prefix Postfix Expression

Infix~Postfix 1.0

This script is useful to convert an infix expression to postfix and vice-versa.


SimpleFormulaParserEvaluator 1.0

Simple formula Parser and Evaluator is a Java API which converts a formula from infix to postfix notation and then evaluates the variables in the...


.NET Expression Evaluator

Power-up your applications with this extremely lightweight, customizable and flexible infix parser and evaluator.

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TbcParser - Math Expression Parser 1.01

TbcParser parses and evaluates mathematical expressions given as strings at runtime. User defined variables and functions are allowed in the...

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Expression builder 1.33.1

A set of eight component to build custom expression builder dialogs in your applications.A set of eight components - TExprFunctions,...

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Expression parser 3.3.1

Expression parser is a library of components, that evaluates Pascal like scripts at run time. It is not an interpretator, but is a quasi compiler,...

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AllWebMenus Expression Web Menu Addin 1.1.4

Create cross-browser CSS or JavaScript menus with AllWebMenus for Microsoft Expression Web sites in just minutes. Use plenty of themes (200+) to...

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Prefix for Database Tables 1.0

The object is simple: stick a small common prefix in front of each database table in the catalog, so that you can easily tell one catalog from...


Regular expression for python string literals 1.0

For quick-and-dirty processing of Python source files, it can be convenient to have a regular expression that matches Python string literals.


Print an expression and its value 1.0

The function printexpr() takes a Python expression, and prints it's value, and the filename and line from which printexpr() is called.


Infix operators 1.2

Python has the wonderful "in" operator and it would be nice to have additional infix operator like this.


Complex Boolean Regular Expression Class 1.4

This class wraps up a complex boolean word expression, creating an internal regular expression, and provides methods that allows you to perform...


Data Binding Expression Syntax

Data Binding Expression Syntax is a web based tutorial in which author elaborates about the procedure involved to define a data binding expression...


How to Evaluate a VBScript Expression at Run Time

It is an online learning source from which you will understand the usage of Eval and Execute functions in VBScript and can learn the differences...


Regular Expression Information

Regular Expression Information is a simple tutorial through which users can gather information about regular expression and its method of utilizing...


Regular Expression Library

Regular Expression Library is a web based tutorial in which author describes about regular expression library, which provides standard expression...


Regular Expression Sample

Regular Expression Sample is a web based tutorial in which author demonstrates the regular expression validator, which checks the form if there...


Runtime C# Expression Evaluator

Runtime C# Expression Evaluator is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author gives explanation about basic principles of C# expression...


To verify one email with Regular Expression

This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about verifying exact email addresses with the help of regular expression. This tutorial says that...


Wise ASP - JScript Regular Expression

It is an online tutorial that comes with a detailed explanation about JScript Regular Expression and describes the usage of them. The provided...