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Import Excel Into Mysql

Import OST into PST 3.2

You can make all the higher than mention functions with OST Recovery package. This tool cans Import OST to PST Free at an incredible conversion...

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DMOZ RDF parser into MySQL 1.0

A package which parses the latest freely available RDF files available at DMOZ and inserts them into two MySQL tables.

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Access to MySQL Navicat - MySQL GUI + Access MySQL conversion (Navicat MySQL download for Windows) 7.2.5

Navicat (MySQL Client - a GUI Tool for MySQL admin and Access to MySQL, Excel to MySQL conversion). Navicat is a set of graphical database...

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DBConvert for Excel & MySQL 1.0.0

DBConvert for Excel & MySQL with scheduler feature converts Excel file (.xls) to MySQL and MySQL to Excel spreadsheets. You can save Excel data to...

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Datafeed-to-MySQL 1.0

This script is designed to parse properly formatted tab, comma, or pipe delimited datafeeds into MySQL table format. It will detect errors in the...


Phonebook.php 1.2.2001

Phonebook.php gives features to manintain a phone contact system for user groups which works with PHP oriented web portals. Admin interface is...


davrdf 0.30

This is an RDF parser which is used to collect news from news backends based on RSS/RDF format. Presently it can collect news from RSS/RDF files...


DWodp pro 1.3.2002

DWodp is a software for a local web directory and can import the od's RDF and dumps into MySQL database, get back and search using PHP. The notable...

Shareware offers a web-based interface for creating and managing custom web polls. / After customers sign up, they are given the option of...


XLquiz 0.1

XLquiz is yet another test-system. It allows three kind of questions: radio type with one correct answer, check box with multiple correct answers...


Exult Professional for SQL Server 1.1

Shred XML files & import data into SQL Server.Relational Tables automatically created from XML structure.Relationships created using primary &...

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jPDFImages Java PDF Images Library 3.70

jPDFImages is a Java library to export images from PDF files and to import images into PDF files. jPDFImages can create images from pages in a PDF...

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Best Database Software

Best Database Software offer software developers a time saving process and allow them to reliably convert entire designed database records into...

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Creating a Membership System Tutorial

Building a login form using PHP with MySQL as backend for your web applications makes your webpage more interactive and bring visitors to your site...


dbfConverter 0.9

dbfConverter is a script based on PHP. This script is used to convert the database files which has been read from dbase files such as dbf, dbt and...



eCam is a perl script which stores the uploaded images into MySQL database. This script will update various images into MySQL database for every 10...


Form Manager: Web Based Form Manager! ?

Form Manager: Web Based Form Manager! multi-platform compatible. An automated script that allows the user to build and manage multiple mailto forms...


Web based Help System Web-App (ASP)

This is a program using which webmasters can run an online help system on their websites. This application can be run on any IIS server and it uses...


TvCalendar 1.0

TvCalendar:Add-on for TPlanner and TDBPlanner componentsCan read events from vCalendar files to easily import events into TPlanner and

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