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Image Steganography Source Code In Java

Add-in Express Toys for VSTO and Excel 2.0

This is a free sample add-in (ready to install and use) that adds some useful features to Microsoft Excel. It contains a full source code in VB and...

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Add-in Express Toys for Excel and .NET 2.0

Is a sample add-in, ready to install and use, adds some useful features to Microsoft Excel. It contains a full source code in VB, C# and supports...

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HTML Guardian VI.49

Encrypt HTML, SHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and ASP files. HTML Guardian is a solution for total Web site protection -it will make impossible...


PyDepend 1.0

PyDepend lists dependencies between high-level modules (packages, directories) and source code files (Java, C/C++, Python, etc) in various formats...


ZX Spectrum Basic Tokenizer 1.0

This is a simple tokenizer for converting source code in ascii text files into a ZX Spectrum loadable image file


Java RCS 1.0

This project is an effort to port the RCS source code into java in the hopes that this API will help in the porting of CVS also.

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Persian Docklet 1.0

This project aims at providing a docklet that can be used by javadoc tool to produce documents form Java source code in Persian language.


ADX Toys 2 WD 2.0

ADX Toys 2 WD is a COM add-in for Microsoft Word that adds the syntax highlighting of the selected source code in the current document.The add-in...

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Highlighter 1.25

Print syntax highlighted source code in all common languages. Print files based on name, location and date or print direct from Explorer or by drag...

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AESOP Project 1.0

A simple open source platform in Java supporting add-ins.

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x6gl 0.2

X6GL is a suite of code generation utilities capable of generating source code in any language, based on source code templates and XML files.

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Akmin's Online Site Creator for JSP 3.0

Akmin?s Online Site Creation provides online web site creation and publishing services for small and medium enterprises. It is an online web...


DataGrids, DataSets, and XML Strings

DataGrids, DataSets, and XML Strings is an easy to learn tutorial through which users can collect information about procedure for storing data of...


Generating a GUID

Generating a GUID is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about the scriptlets and method of constructing the GUID using ASP application....


Getting the ID number of an inserted record

Now the developers can retrieve the ID number of a just inserted record with the help of this online article. With the help of SQL server it is...


HotEdit 2.0.0

HotEdit is an image mapping tool written in Java. It associates data with specific areas or shapes drawn on an image without altering the image. It...


Importing XML into a RecordSet

Instead of using XMLDOM, the author comes with a new solution which is explained in this article. The process of importing an XML file into a...



Displays an image exploding. Source code available.


My Little Photo Gallery 1.0

This is the photo gallery that I personally use. I always post 800 by 600 high to medium quality jpegs that I optimise for the web using photoshop....


Perl By Example

Both a reference and tutorial, this book covers the varieties of Perl and their system and Web applications. Chapters address scripts, printing,...