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Ieee Project Titles On Web Application

Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL

What do eBay, and have in common? They're all applications that integrate large databases with the Web. The popularity (and...


Pizzeria-pep 1.0

This project is a web-application Client-Server born to manage a Pizzeria


OpenInteract 1.VI

OpenInteract is a web application server written in Perl.


ASP Source Control

This is an ASP based web application tool that allows software developers to access the same project in a group without disturbing one another. It...


verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor 2.I

VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG HTML editor written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom...


JGup Code Generator for Web applications 1.0

JGUP is a code generation tool for getting a head start on a new J2EE web application project.

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Webapp Generator from JPA annotations b1.5beta

The main purpose of this project is to quickly generate the code of a J2EE web application for maintaining records specified by JPA annotated beans...

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Elver Technology 1.0

The Elver project focuses on generation of all software artifacts which make up a complete data-centric business web application.


cozza 1.0

This project aims to realize a web framework based on XML technology, The real goal of this application is to provide a solid base for web...

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MOTTeam JS Framework 1.0

Project for Vietnam developers write JS web application, and run it on everywhere.


Soomo Manager 1.0

Soomo Manager is a task and project management web application designed in php to be simple and effective way to maintain project workflow.


CubicProject 1.0

CubicProject aims to be a project management web application for agile software delvelopment.


Duklan 0.2.1

Web application for project management.

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Web framework test 1.0

The project compares several web frameworks, by implementing a basic CRUD JDBC application using Spring & Hibernate first and adding other...


Active Cache of ASP 2.0

Crainiate Active Cache gives your ASP web application the ability to handle more users in less time by caching ASP output on IIS 5.0 or 6.0. It...


Achievo ATK 5.2

An object-oriented web-application framework. It is targeted at developers who wish to focus on business logic, instead of coding HTML. Where other...


ALOV Map 0.57

This java application is for publication vector and raster maps to Internet and interactive viewing on web browsers. It provides hyperlink and it...


Application Privacy Monitoring for JDBC

Application Privacy Monitoring for JDBC is an online article containing several privacy monitoring functions. From this tutorial you can extract...


ASP/PHP Web Application Builder 6.V

Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced...


ASPBanner 7.III

Active Server Pages Web Application. / ASPBanner can rotate Image Banners, Custom HTML, Shockwave, and Flash Banners as well as keep detailed...