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Ice Ionworx

Andrey's Applet Fire Effect

This program is helpful for programmers or for Desktop publishers who needs to create an image effect. It allows them to create visual effect in...


ICE 1.4b

ICE is an easy to install software package for indexing World Wide Web archives. By installing it as a CGI gateway under your Web server, users can...


RaiderSoft ICE -

RaiderSoft ICE is your complete JavaO solution to web-based, real time multi-room Chat and Instant-Messaging. ICE provides your web site's users...


ICE License Protection for Delphi & C++ Builder

ICE License v2.0 is a new & complete licensing protection solution designed to provide a high level of security. ICE License protects your...

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Advanced Software Protection - ICE License 2.08

ICE License v2.0 is a new and innovative licensing protection for Borland developers wishing to integrate copy protection with maximum security....

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SafeBox Industry - Secure your distribution package 1.0 (RC2)

Ionworx Technology release SafeBox Industry (RC2)Overview :SafeBox Industry is a new tools for developer or professional industry toprotect and...

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Ice Engine 1.0

Ice Engine is an 8-bit color graphical API for java.


AVaRICE 2.12

AVaRICE is a program for interfacing the Atmel JTAG ICE to GDB to allow users to debug their embedded AVR target.

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JTAG-GDB Server for ARM 20090601

The "JTAG-GDB server" is a program for integrating the ARM-Embedded ICE logic with the GNU-Debugger GDB.

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Daytanea 1.0

William Gibson in his Science Fiction described AI controlled intrusion combat equipment or ICE.


slice2qt 1.0

In the beginning we will publish a slice2qt code generator with special Qt4 mappings for ZeroC Ice.


ActivLicense Online 1.01

ctivLicense Online is a professional and robust anti-piracy solution based on product activation technology online designed to verify if your...

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ADP II Protection

This is New Anti-Debugging & Anti-Monitors routines provide a good way to prevent *lame* people from spying your code.With ADP Component, you could...

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InstallAware Express for Windows Installer 4.1

Stunning User Interface:InstallAware Express offers setup themes true to the meaning of the word, themes that are unique and highly customized. Far...

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I.C.E. Coldfusion Content Management System 1.0

I.C.E. is an integrated Adobe Coldfusion and MySQL-based content management system featuring Content Management, Relationship Management, Campaign...

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ICEclipse 1.0

ICEclipse is an opensource plugin under licence EPL (http://www.


s1ice - s1mp3 ICE library 0.6.1

s1ice - a library to handle the In-Circuit Emulator for s1mp3-based devices.

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