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Hydraulic Calculations Fire Sprinkler

185Graph 4.2h

185Graph is a 1.85 graph based fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation software program that is designed to graphically display sprinkler demand vs....

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Fincalc 5.0

Fincalc is a Windows program designed to handle differing financial calculations related to investments and lending. The program acts like a loan...

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Algebrus 2.0

Algebrus is a powerful software for scientific and general purpose calculations. It provides user with numerous mathematical and analysis...

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Egyptian Fire Effect

This is a nice fire effect

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Fire - Drag and Drop

Fire movie clip. Cool effect. Low file size. All you have to do is place the MC on your stage!

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TechSheet 1.4

TechSheet is a spreadsheet that allows you to perform calculations using multiple units and unit conversions. Used by engineers, technicians and...


Crazy Keyboard 1.5

crazy keyboard is a small DLL that enables you to change the keys of the of the keyboard. By using a system wide hooking technique, you can change...

47.0 KB 3.0.0

The aim of this code is to provide extra Date/Time routines to those supplied with SysUtils, covering Date Conversions, Time Conversions, Date...


5th Avenue Software 1.I

Robust, template-based shopping cart and online catalog builder. This software was developed for the creative web designer who wants complete...


AEA MMFireImage 1.0

AEA MMFireImage is a freeware applet to incorporate a fire effect on image changeover. Supports descriptions to images and URLs. Also supports...


AEA MMFireMessage 1.0

AEA MMFireMessage is a text effect applet that can be used to implement a text display in which a flame of fire makes the text appear. This also...


Airvae Commerce 2.0 2.0

Airvae Commerce 2.0 is a professional grade shopping cart with advanced back office integration. It includes a multitude of features such as real...


Aj Crossover Calculator

Solves for inductor and capacitor values for first, second, third and fourth order passive crossover systems for two way speaker systems. Includes...


AK Calculator 1.0

This program is used for calculating numerical values. This tool is not only used for normal numerical calculations, it is also used for scientific...



This is a 'no number' calculator. It uses A-J alpha matrixes to compute math methods. The only numbers used are for indexing and comparison. The...


An introduction to C 16.11.1999

This is a tutorial through which people can gather more knowledge on C++. Author discusses about hello word as well as variable argument functions....


Andrey's Applet Fire2 Effect

This program is helpful for any users who wants to create a cool fire effect on their web pages. This program comes with customization facility and...


Andrey's Applet Fire3 Effect

This program is helpful for programmers or for designers who wants to make their own images with fire effects. Customization facility is available...


ASP & ASP.NET TreeView from VisualASP 4.0

The other features include: Fire events on the client when Expanding and Collapsing nodes. Capture the selected node on the client or server. Each...


Beach Landing

We see many interesting games in mobiles and cell phones. Beach Landing is one of the interesting game which has been designed using java and can...