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Html Image Slice

Image Cut (Image Splitter) 1.504

Split image into segments with any slice layout. Get generated merging html page

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Create Html Image Maps 1.02

Advance image mapping software is economical and user friendly utility to create html image maps. Download Professional pictures mapper application...

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AllWebMenus Web/jQuery Tooltips Addin 1.0.1

Replace the browser's tooltip on your drop-down menus with any type of jQuery tooltip: html tooltip, ajax tooltip, balloon tooltip, javascript...

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Likno Web/HTML Tooltips Builder 2.0.210

Use a rich interface (GUI) to create any type of cross-browser jQuery tooltip, such as: html tooltip, ajax tooltip, balloon tooltip, javascript...

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AiS Watermark Pictures Protect III.44

AiS Watermark Pictures is a protector to protect the images. Users photos and digital images can be customized by applying transparent watermark...


CDONTS with Attachment

CDONTS with Attachment is derived using ASP language which utilizes the IIS server component CDONTS for sending emails. This program allows you to...


Code Secure On The Fly HTML & Image Protection 1.II

Code Secure On The Fly HTML & Image Protection


Create HTML Image Maps Dynamically With .NET

This is a tutorial that guides users to create image maps on real time. Here the author's own experience is shared for the users to build charts...


DAlbum 1.04

This gallery features automatic image resizing and thumbnail creation. It is easy to setup and use, and includes HTML image comments, support for...


Nevron Chart For Asp .net 2.0

Nevron Chart for ASP .NET is the leading data visualization component for ASP .NET. In terms of image and presentation quality this component...


Phpwcms | Web Content Management 1.I

phpwcms was created for fast website implementation, is easy to use, has many prof. features: built-in template system, page layout wizard, file...



This is a very versatile graphical/text counter. It can be used with Server Side Includes (SSI) or by a simple HTML image tag. The SSI method...


SizeComps 1.01

This is a pack of totally customizable and run-time resizable shape components. They were made for a simple layered paint program and an HTML image...

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Letterman Newsletter Component 1.0

A simple newsletter component with subscriber management and HTML/image embedding capabilities.


MapWizard 0.1.alpha

JAVA tool for creating html image maps.

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JMapper 0.1.beta

Use your mouse to generate HTML Image Maps with ease.

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iStarSoft Html2Image 1.6.0

Convert HTML files to JPG/TIF/GIF/BMP/PNG/PDF with whole web page or snapshot

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Word To HTML Converter Tool 3.35

Word to HTML Converter Tool is a complete resolution to convert unlimited Word file to HTML format allows conversion with multi-processing speed...

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csDrawGraph 2.7

This ASP component draws pie and bar charts and line graphs on the fly. Output options include GIF, PNG, JPG and BMP. Stream to browser or save as...

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Nevron Chart for .NET Q1 2006

Professional Chart component for WinForms and ASP.NET applications.

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