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Html Codes For Chat

HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idiot

These HTML tutorials have been designed to help people build better home pages the easy way. Step by step tutorials in Plain English,- HTML tips,...


HTML Production for Java 1.3

Producing HTML in Sevlets and JSP is painful and error-prone.

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HTML Client for Web Services using DHTML Behavior

This tutorial provides several hints to the readers for creating web services for HTML client by using DHTML properties. Users can find the...


HTML 4 for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide

A tutorial for novices and a reference for experienced users, featuring step-by-step instruction, tips, troubleshooting advice, and a visual...


HTML Wordprocessor for Java 1.0

Word Processor Java Bean based on HTML.


php4-html-dom: Fast HTML Parser for PHP 0.10.0

Light weight, fault tolerant, high speed single pass HTML parser.

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HTML Validator for Mozilla and Firefox 65

HTML Validator is an Mozilla extension that adds HTML validation to Firefox and Mozilla.

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AWTT (Affiliate & Web Traffic Tracking System) 1.X

AWTT (Affiliate & Web Traffic Tracking System) is an affiliate management system that allows you to offer your own affiliate program and help to...


Database Search Engine

Database Search Engine is a program that indexes and searches websites in google like style. It uses meta tags to collect site informations and...


Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program 0.3.7

The Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program is a simple Perl based script which helps you to create an image gallery out of the JPG images from your digital...


The JonShaft Cookie

The JonShaft Cookie is a tutorial which deals with the methods that have to adapt while controlling cookies. In this article author gives several...


Header and Footer Inclusion for Beginners

This is a tutorial where users are taught by the author about the creation of the header and footer files which contains HTML codes in the top and...


HTML Elements in Forms

This is an article that informs the users how to build form elements using input attribute using HTML. This tutorial provide info to the users that...


HTML Encryption 3.00

Using this advanced security software you can create password protected web pages for your website. All your website pages are encrypted with HTML...


The Easiest Way to Learn HTML

The Easiest Way to Learn HTML is an online article briefing you the method of techniques involved in working with HTML contents. You can gain...


Using ASP and HTML Meta TAGS To Make A Dynamic Delay Message

This tutorial covers about displaying a timed message to the site visitors while they are about to get redirected. This article makes it possible...


Using PHP With HTML Forms

This is a simple article where you will find important guide lines on the method of creating and processing online forms with PHP. The author has...


WebPublisher for PHProjekt 1.0

This is a program that helps to publish content on your websites. It is as easy to create folders with file manager and upload your files to them....


CuteEditor for ASP 5.2

CuteEditor for ASP is the most powerful browser-based Online HTML Editor for ASP applications. It enables ASP Web developers to replace the...

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Cute Editor for PHP 6.0

Cute Editor for PHP is by far the fastest, easiest, most powerful browser-based WYSIWYG HTML Editor for PHP applications. It enables PHP Web...

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