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Horizontal Scrollbar Panel

TEditListBox 1.6

TEditList is a listbox following features added :- inplace editable, just like in Explorer- incremental key search- horizontal scrollbar- flat &...

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HSTListBox is a descendant of TListBox. The only improvement is that the horizontal scrollbar is only being placed in the Listbox at runtime if the...

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kmListView 1.12

The kmListView component is an enhanced descendant of the Delphi TCustomListview class, providing the developer with advanced sorting funtions,...

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ConsultTree Site Explorer

ConsultTree Site Explorer is a java menu navigation system, which uses two text files to create its structure and folder links to implement a site...


Cool Focus NeonBar 1.I

NeonBar is a single-level horizontal button bar. Each button displays a fading description in the integrated status panel when the mouse hovers...


GhostWire Components Set 1 (Flash MX) -

This is a set of eight components released by GhostWire Studios: / Button / CheckBox / ComboBox / ListBox / Panel / RadioButton / ScrollBar /...



LinkBar is a menu system in Java that can build professional navigation menus similar to the Windows 95 taskbar. It supports features like:...



NeonBar is a single-level horizontal button bar. Each button displays a fading description in the integrated status panel when the mouse hovers...


NeonBar by Cool Focus 1.00

NeonBar is a feature rich single level horizontal button bar. Some of its features are optional caption, each button uses a different focus color...


Shuttle Menubar 01 2.0.0

This horizontal menu bar component utilizes ActionScript v2 architecture. It's easy to use and customize. All elements of the menu bar are...


kmMailPanel 1.01

The kmMailPanel component enables the Delphi developer to add a Thunderbird-like panel to their email and internet applications to easily display...

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Accordion Panel V3 V3

Jumpeye's new Accordion Panel V3

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Flat Componet Library 1.0.0

The Flat Component Library (FCL) is a feature-rich component library for CodeGear/Borland RAD development environments (C++ Builder and Delphi).

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This is a perl written server program that offers users a web host control panel. This system helps users to manage mysql databases. Features like...


Fast Guest Book with Complete Admin Panel 1.0

Fast Guest Book is a "Dream-Solution" for all those people who want to get an Elegant Guest Book for their website in no time. Fast Guest Book is...

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TAdvPanel, TAdvPanelGroup, TAdvPanelStyler 1.6

Advanced Panel component with:BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF, EMF, ICO tiled, centered, stretched backgroundHTML formatted text and captionClose and min/max...

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JavaScript Horizontal Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer v7.0 7.0

Javascript Horizontal Scroller runs any number of Messages/Images to the left even wider than the conveyer's width and with as many rows as...

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Advanced Scrollers 1.0

Verticle Scroller, Horizontal Scrollers, Manual Scrollers.

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AIGroupPanel 3.1

AIGroupPanel (3.1) provides developers with a pure extended Windows Panel component with new design features ideal for an Office or Vista style...

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PanelMeter 1.2.48

PanelMeter is an ActiveX control for VB6 which can behave like a 3D panel, a frame container, or a progress meter. Any of these behaviors can be...

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