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Horizontal News Ticker For Web Pages


This is an online fade ticker applet that can scroll the fade news on the web pages. This program has ability to customize text color, font size,...


Javascript HorizontalMenuBar 1.0

Javascript HorizontalMenuBar is a tool for creating horizontal menu system on Web pages.Required Netscape or MS IE 4 or higher.

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Get the News, Part 1

In this article 'Get the News, Part 1' the author has given simple and effective ASP codes for MFC applications. The author has explained readers...


News Connect

News Connect is a simple new publishing program written in ASP. Webmasters can easily list and display running news sequences on the top of their...


NewsTicker Applet Collection 2.II

This is a collection of vertical and horizontal news ticker java applet. Users can scroll the news items vertically and shows them along with news...



RssReader is a program that helps users to read Really Simple Syndication (RSS) news and display them with headlines on the web pages. The user can...


iPer Hyper Publish PRO 3.0.8

A visual tool for Web pages and all hyperlinked documents authoring, such manuals, catalogues, school works, e-books, in Html or Rtf-Winhelp. Can...

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Applet Menu Factory 1.0

Applet Menu Factory is a powerful Applet-producing design tool for creating menu system for Web pages.IE4+/NS4+/Opera5+ is required.

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Applet SlideMenu Factory 2.0

Applet SlideMenu Factory is a powerful WYSIWYG applet-producing design tool for creating sliding menu for Web pages.IE4+/NS4+/Opera5+ is required.

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An improvement to RegisterClientScriptBlock

This tutorial gives introduction about .NET's new method called RegisterClientScriptBlock and the author says this method helps the users to add a...


Getting started with Java

This tutorial discusses the various topics in Java and teaches programming in Java. The Java programming language has virtually become the industry...


Microsoft ASP.NET Step by Step

This title is the ideal step-by-step introduction for developers who want to learn Active Server Pages+ (ASP+) scripting technology, which offers...


ProNews 1.0

ProNews is a simple and efficient online news management software written in PHP. This PHP application will help you to post your news on your web...


SearchSimon 1.I

This ASP script helps you to index all links that are available on your system and enables everyone to look for web pages, contents etc by feeding...


Web Pages Management b.1.0

VersionWeb is a tool for web pages version control in web itself.

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Needsecure 1.0

Password protection of your website, safe password protection for web pages, trusty protection for web directories from unauthorized access.


MagicAjax.NET - AJAX Framework 2.0

A framework that provides AJAX technologies for web pages created with ASP.

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Online external CSS and HTML editor

An online editor to help you design your Web pages.

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DBForms from MS Access to PHP + MySQL 3.1.6

DBForms from MS Access to PHP + MySQL allows you to convert MS Access tables to MySQL database, MS Access queries to MySQL views, MS Access forms...

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DHTML News Ticker Wizard 1.0

DHTML News Ticker Wizard is a message scrolling JavaScript with appealing scrolling effects like Gradient, Wipe, Slide, Pixelate, Blinds, Wipe etc....