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Hide A Lot Of Text In An Image File

Allayer text PGN 1

Allayer text PGN is multi-platform compatible. This PHP script lets you performs a strange trick. It reads text contents from a file or an online...


DS FireClock

This is an applet in Java that can be used to implement a burning clock over which a configurable scrolling text and an image can be inserted. The...


DS XBlur

This image effect applet shows a blur effect among the images supplied by you. A customizable scrolling text and an image can be inserted over the...


Ace Popup Maker Software 1.0

Ace Popup Maker Software is an effective software for both the experience and new comers to develop a very reliable windows for incorporation in...


Declarative programming of JSP web sites using XML

Developers may come across the problem of redundant web pages, which has the same appearance with variation of contents. To overcome this problem,...


DS Ripple 1.0

This applet displays your favorite image with a ripple effect over it. A customizable scrolling text and an image can be supplied over the...


Juggling data from recordsets, to arrays, to tables

The main objective of this online article is to teach the developers how to migrate the data from recordsets to array or tables. This article helps...


MyAdSystem 1.III

MyAdSystem is a powerful advertising management system that allows you to manage the advertising shown in your websites. With it you can obtain the...


Network Programming with Perl

"Network programming"--the term had a distinct meaning once, but now it begs the question, "Is there another kind?" That's why Lincoln Stein's...


Rotated Text Image Overlay Control

This is an article in which the author elaborately discusses about rotated text image overlay control. The author explains that this will be useful...


WaveBannerApplet 1.0

An applet and a class that can be used to create a banner that animates a line of text in a wave formation.


SearchBlackBox SDK

There are a lot of text search and indexing engines available on the market today. Some of them are fast and produce good results. However,...

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Amphasia Horizontal Resizable Gallery 1.0

This is a highly customizable resizable gallery. It will respect the limits and you can change a lot of options from the .xml file. This is based...

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Imprint Text Options 1.3.1

You can have a lot of text options, to be assigned with product, and set different options enabled for different products, using checkboxes, when...

Freeware (JSCC) (JSCC) will be very useful to any web programmer to develop web sites and web related applications. The site supports a lot...


lucid.calendar 0.2

The purpose of this application is to allow a small group of users to post events on a web-based calendar. It allows for a lot of customization in...


PopUp Maker 5.0

PopUp Maker can be used to generate code that implements popup windows in your web pages. You can specify the required details and press the make...


Wittysoft ListLibrary 1.0

Wittysoft ListLibrary is a ASP.NET server component used to place or display a list of data in an ordered or definition or unordered list. By...



OD VIEW TB is a table viewer, editor with a lot of built-in utilities: export, print, analyse structure, etc...

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TDataSet To HTML-Table

This component and the next are not nearly as useful as they used to be. Delphi has a lot of built-in components and methods of doing pretty much...

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