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Hashing Password Generator Borland

Encrypted Password Generator -

Encrypted Password Generator is a multi-platform compatible script that uses advanced javascript techniques to encrypt a password. Script will only...


Random Password Generator 1.0

Random Password Generator is a simple and effective online randomizer capable of generating arbitrary passwords. This program is simple and creates...


Website Abstraction Encrypted Password Generator

Website Abstraction Encrypted Password Generator generates password and is stored encrypted in the source code. This can protect your web pages...


Kiwi Password Generator 1.0

Foi comprovado que senhas como: datas de nascimento, nA?


Password Generator..,

-This function return Password consists of 0-9, a-z, A-Z


Simple password generator

In this tutorial, the author gives tips to the beginner programmer for creating a random password. For creating this, he uses loops and random...


Password generator 1.I

Fast and easy script to get totally random passwords. Very secure!! Easy to intergrate in existing php scripts thanks to it's css stylesheet!


Hitech- Scripts

Hitech-Scripts site is useful for downloading scripts based on PHP, Perl or javascripts. You can download four scripts from this site such as,...


Jpassgen 1.III

JPassGen is an usefull strong password generator for secure login protection. There is a swing graphic user interface (also commandline). It comes...


PedBot 1.I

Pedbot is a script that becomes your own an AOL Instant Messenger robot. It offers excellent features for both the users and the administrators. It...


Random Password Generation 1.0

Random Password Generation script is a code snippet to generate an 8 character alphanumeric password.


Human readable 'random' password 1.0

This script allows you to generate a password in the form 'word' digits 'word' for example 137pace instead of a...


pwArch 1.0

pwArch is a Password Archive. It gives you a place to save your password information. Store your passwords by site with user and password. All you...

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Invisible Secrets 4.3

Invisible Secrets Encryption Software 4 not only encrypts your data and files for safe keeping or for secure transfer across the net, it also hides...

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Diplodock 1.01.019

Records every keyboard touch and mouse click in the log file. Reveals hidden passwords, URLs, user names, etc. It is also useful when Word, or...

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Hex Editor II 2.1.0

User friendly and efficient hexadecimal editor, featuring: unlimitted undo / redo, copy / paste, search / replace, print, jump to offset, etc. It...

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Biorhythms Studio II 2.10.027

The Biorhythms Studio II is a tool for professional MS biorhythms developers which smoothly integrates:an biorhythms-oriented text editor, macro...

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jCryptPad 1.0

jCryptPad stores text informationen hierarchical, e.


Password and Jabberwocky Generator

This is a program where the users can generate passwords and jabberwocky. This program has the ability to filter out the unwanted words and letter...


Password Hashing using C#

This is an online tutorial that can be used by the users as a reference and guidance to learn about preserving password in the database by creating...