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Hash Table

SZHash 1.1.0

SZHash x96 Advanced Hash Table Class.Advanced Hash class working with strings;Variable lenght of Hash table;Several Hash formula...

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Khashmir DHT 1.0

Khashmir is a distributed hash table library of the Kademlia flavor implemented in Python.


cprops - c prototyping tools 0.1.12

the c prototyping tools library provides thread-safe linked list, priority queue, hash table, hash list, AVL tree and trie implementations, as well...

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Entangled 0.1

Entangled is a distributed hash table (DHT) and peer-to-peer tuple space, based on Kademlia.

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General Hash Function Algorithms 0.0.1

General hash function algorithm implementations for series of commonly used additive and rotative string hashing in the object pascal programming...

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qLibc - Complete C/C++ Library 2.1.0

The goal of qLibc project is providing general purpose complete C/C++ library which includes all kinds of containers and general library routines.

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libfastcommon 1.01

c common functions library extracted from my open source projects FastDFS and FastDHT.

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SMD-SS 1.0

Symmetrical Mulitple Databace - Non center, auto spliting, auto backup, auto error recover, data storage and calculation distribute.

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SimpleASM Project 1.0

SimpleASM is a IDE for the MASM (Microsofts macro assembler) which is fully written with Borland Delphi6.

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JBSoftware Membership System beta

This system is fully configurable from a basic minimal system with only an initial billing module and new member module to a sophisticated system...


TUTI - Table Utilities 3.30

TUTI - TABLE UTILITIES is a useful general-purpose tool applicable to any accessible database for Borland BDE or Microsoft ODBC. It is a powerful...

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#7 Components - TRestructure Lite 1.25

TRestructure is a dbiDoRestructure wrapper component that helps you to:addinsertmovechange ordelete dBase & Paradox table fields.You can also...

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#7 Components - TRestructure Pro 2.14

Ever needed to restructure a Paradox or dBase table from your Delphi or C++ Builder program? There's nothing to it, once you start using...

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TTUtility for Paradox Table Repair 5.0

The easiest way to add Paradox Table verify and repair capabilities to your

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Database Comparer VCL

Database Comparer VCL (DBC VCL) compares and synchronizes databases structure (metadata) and table data for many popular databases. Currently...

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AAA Print Preview ActiveX Control 1.40

AAA Print Preview ActiveX is free and open source. It's small, fast, easy to use and very reliable. It's for developers of VC, VB, VFP, Delphi, C++...

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MIL - Read Table SAP R/3 0.1.1

MIL - Read Table SAP R/3 is a small program which lets to download and read almost all the table in SAP R/3. Requires SAP GUI 6.20 above.

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Plasmaplugs Table Rendere 1.0

The component provides a html table rendering mechanism for flash, pretty much the same way a web browser renders a html table.

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JustAjax Table 0.7

JustAjax Table is an Ajax/PHP grid library that allows you to create web-based data grids/tables that behave like desktop software.

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MySQL to MS SQL Converter

End user can import MySQL extension files and migrant it in MS SQL database format using this software. Database converter helps user to modify...

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