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Hash Chain

General Hash Function Algorithms 0.0.1

General hash function algorithm implementations for series of commonly used additive and rotative string hashing in the object pascal programming...

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Creating a SHA1 Hash value for storage in a Web.Config file

Creating a SHA1 Hash value for storage in a Web.Config file is a simple ASP.NET tutorial in which the author explains you about how to display the...


Protecting Passwords with a One-way Hash Function

Protecting Passwords with a One-way Hash Function is a web based application through which users can gather information about the protection of...


SHA-1 Hash Algorithm

SHA-1 Hash Algorithm is an online file manipulation program by which you can easily work and figure out the compressed data. This program employs...


Hash Library 1.0

Hash is a C library that provides a selection of hash based functions.


ssm-chain - Simple State Machine - Chain 0.2

To implement the State Machine model of behavior with chain of command design pattern.

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Hash Database Manager 0.02

A program to manage hash databases; gdbm databases etc.

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Embedded Linux Tools Chain for Windows 1.0

This project is targeted to consolidate Embedded Linux Tools Chain under Windows.

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Motorola DSP56800 Tool Chain 1.0

"Motorola DSP56800 Tool Chain" is intended to create a complete development environment for the embedded digital signal processor family.

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Embedded Linux Tools Chain for cygwin 1.0

This is a collection of embedded Linux tools chain for Windows environment.


oss4zos GNU Tool Chain 1.0

Ports and patches of GNU tool chain (automake, m4, autoconf, etc) for the IBM z/OS Operating system


String Chain Processor 1.0

A web application that processes an input string with a chain of string processors.


My Perfect Hash 0.2

MPerf will generate structures (not really a hash) to lookup some data, similar to gperf.

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DED Chain: Less cruft, more fun. 1.0

DED|Chain allows you to build first class, high-quality websites without the cruft.


lazarus-chain 1.0

Lazarus-chain is a implementation of the chain of responsibility design pattern for Lazarus and Delphi (written in Free Object Pascal).


Fast Hash Linked List unit

Sometimes you need a list of items but cannot use an array or TList efficiently. For example: You have an MRU (Most Recently Used) cache with many...

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chain$tar 1.0

An event driven software system for easy and efficient streaming of structured data.


The ASP Chain

A helpful explanation of what exactly an Active Server Pages is and how it works. Includes a flow chart showing how things operate.


ELF Tool Chain 0.6.1

A BSD-licensed implementation of compilation tools (nm, ar, as, ld, etc.

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SDL Formal Semantics Tool Chain 1.0

Tools for the formal semantics of SDL-2000 (ITU-T Specification and Description Language)