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Hash Algorithm Java

MD5 Checksum File Parser

Using this program you can parse and output checksum files. This is actually a PHP class library that uses MD5 hash algorithm to check and verify...


SHA-1 Hash Algorithm

SHA-1 Hash Algorithm is an online file manipulation program by which you can easily work and figure out the compressed data. This program employs...


Simple Script Security 0.85beta

Simple Script Security utilize secure hash algorithm and routines to protect your website. Also, helps you to transmit your most important data in...


General Hash Function Algorithms 0.0.1

General hash function algorithm implementations for series of commonly used additive and rotative string hashing in the object pascal programming...

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Cglib 1.0

A library for generating code at runtime. It generates keys for hash maps, proxy objects for java clases and interfaces, generates code to optimize...


JavaBean of Edge Detection 1.0

This Java Bean implements edge detection of any image with the held of a Canny algorithm which detects edges with much less loss that any other...


Polar Crypto

Polar Crypto is an easy to use data protection tool for software developers. You can use this ASP data security package to encrypt, decrypt, data...


Simian 1.0

Simian is a Java Application, which can be used to interact with any routines that requires manipulation of images. You can resize the images and...


Spiderfish 1.0 Beta

Spiderfish is a java application formed of two parts to navigate through a given web site and down load all its files. The first part is a...


Tie::DB_File::SplitHash 1.0

Tie::DB_File::SplitHash splits a DB_File database into as many distinct files as desired. This then distributes hash entries between the files...


verveJZip 1.III

VerveJZip is a ColdFusion custom tag (Java CFX) written in Java that adds zip functionality to any web application project. VerveJZip is ideally...



JxFileWatcher is a cross-platform library that provides convenient Java API for monitoring file system events. It is available for Windows, Linux...

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Optimization Algorithm Toolkit (OAT) 1.4

A Java workbench and toolkit for developing, evaluating, and playing with classical and state-of-the-art optimization algorithms on standard...

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Opt4J 2.7

Java framework for applying meta-heuristic (multi-objective) optimization algorithms like an Evolutionary Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimizer,...

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Jenetics: Java Genetic Algorithm Library 1.1.0

An object oriented library of an Genetic Algorithm, implemented in Java.

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Java CoreWars Evolver 0.4

A Java based, pMars compatible, CoreWars simulator with Genetic Algorithm warrior evolver functionality.

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JNSGA2 2.1.1

JNSGA2 is a Java library with an implementation of the multi-objective genetic algorithm NSGA-II published by Deb et al.

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NEAT4J 1.0

A Java implementation of the NEAT algorithm as created by Kenneth O Stanley.

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Galapagos: A Genetic Algorithm Framework 1.0

Galapagos is a Genetic Algorithm framework written in Java 5 with the intended audience of undergraduates in an Artificial Intelligence class.

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Operators for Order based GA 1.0

This package has a collection of readily usable genetic operators for order based genetic algorithm and is implemented using java.