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Hack A Match Com Password

Starsol Match Maker 1.0 RC1

A match maker script that ... based member login, password and username retrieval, a contact admin form, notification of member matches and user editing of wanted matches. Password protected admin can view and delete users and blacklisted email addresses. Displays stats regarding ...


C3-Lock Lite

... Lock Lite is a highly sophisticated password protection and user management system written in Perl and using MySQL database ... capable of serving access to protected areas to thousands of users at the same time ... levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. C3-Lock Lite is primarily aimed at website and web-based software developers that are after a simple password and user management solution for their current and future projects. C3-Lock Lite comes with an admin interface where webmasters and administrators can create new user accounts, new user groups, activate/inactivate groups or individual accounts, set user level ... for member-only areas. C3-Lock Lite was designed as module using the ... into or used a foundation with any web based application that meets the ...

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ADX Toys 2 XL 2.0

ADX Toys 2 XL is a free COM add-in that adds several useful features ... Microsoft Excel.The add-in is based on Add-in Express 2 technology and designed to show ... how to create add-ins, how to manage add-in's toolbars and controls, and how to get an access to Excel objects. ADX Toys 2 XL ... MS Excel 2000 and higher.

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ComfyJ is a Java-COM bridge enabling bidirectional communication between the Java platform and COM technologies. With ComfyJ, you can use ActiveX/COM/OLE/OCX objects right from your Java application and implement Java objects as COM objects, without writing ... integrate your Java application with Microsoft Office Word, Excel* and Outlook, with Internet ... Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat etc. entirely in ...

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w3pw PHP 1.4

w3pw is a web based password wallet manager written ... is stored in a MySql Database. Features ... independent. Webserver, PHP and MySql are available for a wide range of ... Information is encrypted - Available Fields per entry: Info, host, login, password and description - Upload function ... files - Timout for automatic logout Requirements: · A Webserver · PHP ...


ShellPlus Components 1.0

Windows Explorer is a very flexible shell ... dialogs, windows, menus and options can be ... possible, Windows supports a special COM-based plugin technology known as Shell Extensions. There are many built-in Shell Extensions and you can see them almost everywhere: All virtual folders such as Printers, Control Panel, Recycle Bin are shell extensions File-specific icons, small arrows on link icons, link icons itself are shell extensions too Additional context-sensitive menu items are supplied by file ... menu, property sheets and many other items ... see every day... All these wonderful additions are Shell Extensions. With ... program more convenient and attractive. As usual with Delphi ... to start - only a few clicks are necessary to generate ... takes care of all methods to be ... Shell+ will do all other routine jobs ...

Shareware 1.0

Connection Server - a simple COM compatible component that caches ADO database connections.aIt can be used in ASP Sites do cache ...


2BGal 2.3.3

A photo gallery that ... by page, labels and titles of albums or photos, and more. It also features a stats interface, password restriction to browse albums, English and French support, pic ... thumbnail size configuration, and CSS customization.


6.0 CF Calendar Application

This is a powerful application used for storing and displaying events and easily integrated into any cold fusion application. It provides a monthly view with a pop-up window ... display information for a specific date. Password protection is available to prevent unauthorized ... Once logged in, an administrator can add new events to ... weekly, or on a list of dates provided by the administrator. /


AL 1.0

... is designed to allow you to use ... i.e.: find all the books about 'widgets') or to search dynamically for anything the user would like to ask for in a search bix just like's. / "Al" allows you to give it header and footer html files to allow your site to ... / "Al" is an abreviation for AmazingLinks which is the ral name, and as well, you could ... silent in "Al" and I named it ... the super intelligent computer in "2001, A Space Odessy. / AL allows / You want ... time to create all the links. / ... customers search the site with their ... you only get a 5% commission. / As soon as your visitors know that you are a associate they leave your site and stay on the site. / changes their content all the time and then your links are all either dead or ...


ASPointer 1.0

ASPointer allows users to quickly and easily locate specific ... in XML, HTML and ASP documents. It offers a wide range of ... or multiple updates achieved in one pass. It can control access to specific features ... server from unwanted access. It is easy to install and use, either in ASP of in your custom compiled applications. It is supplied as a single COM-complient AcitveX Dll component with full documentation ...


Authpg 1.2B2

AuthPG is a PostgreSQL Authentication Module(mod_auth_pg) that enables Apache to authenticate users with the ... This module gets a username and password pair in the ... way or from a cookie, and you can choose ...


Auto-notify Module For Esvon Classifieds

A database-enabled personal search agent that gives your ... or other features and have only the ads, which fit the ... enter search criteria and be notified by email if a match is posted to ...


BannerBlair v2.0 2.0

... of your banner ads!Other banner ad rotators only display a new ad every time the ... you can load all of your banner ads into it and it automatically cycles through them ... cycle through the ads automatically, but visitors can also drop down and view all of your banner ads at the click of a mouse. This script ... have multiple banner ads and those who use Commission Junction, Linkshare, BeFree and other similar affiliate programs.NEW FEATURES ... in 1 file and then run the ... v2.0 uses a MySQL database to ... Just copy, paste, and click to add or edit your ... BannerBlair Control Panel allows you to add, edit, and delete banners in ... Control Panel is password protected with a username and password that can only ... modified by the administrator once logged in ...


Building a Simple COM Component with Visual C++

Building a Simple COM Component with Visual C++ is a web based tutorial ... can gather information about procedure that have to be adapted to build COM objects using Visual C++. Here author discusses about steps to utilize this componet in a right way. This article will be helpful for the VB and C++ programmers.


Create a random password 1.0

A nice little function that will generate a completely random password.



This is a perl script where ... web site contents and add datas to any palce on their ... modify, delete, view and add files in a server. This script provides a easy web based administration for managing the ... management screen, central administration, saving time, includes code added to management page ... or HTML etc are available in this script. This script provides a central management password which is required for gaining access.

Shareware is a script that will ... the list of all your Web pages and match the ?last updated? ... of those files and make updations whenever ... these two fields. After updating any html files, this ... run in UNIX. All $tags will be ... if there is a match between the two ...



DGS is a simple to implement web program that allows your customers to pay online and instant-download your ... download ever. It auto-fulfills the orders by sending a download code, password and download link to ... get the cash. All these happening without you lifting a finger in the process!Ecommercemax DGS comes with its own ... cart, online payment acceptance system, auto-fulfilment and remote administration. Whether selling e ... unique photos, Flash animations, digital arts, MP3 music, graphics, video and ringtones.. this neat ... the next level! As a matter of fact ... engine that we are using to sell ... have been looking around for ways to ... you may have come across companies that allow you to sell ... charge membership fee and they even get a cut from each sale! What a rip off! With ... your file inventory and most importantly - your ...


DocBuilder - 1.I

... creating multiple user accounts, ability to create multiple documents and document groups, documents ... be formatted in a hierarchal index, password protected login screen, advanced setup options to ... customize the program, and the ability to customize the ... suit the look and feel of your ... Support, Free Upgrades, and Free Installation.