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Hack A Match Com Password

Starsol Match Maker 1.0 RC1

A match maker script that features cookie-based member login, password and username retrieval, a contact admin form, notification of member matches...


C3-Lock Lite

C3-Lock Lite is a highly sophisticated password protection and user management system written in Perl and using MySQL database backend capable of...

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ADX Toys 2 XL 2.0

ADX Toys 2 XL is a free COM add-in that adds several useful features to Microsoft Excel.The add-in is based on Add-in Express 2 technology and...

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ComfyJ is a Java-COM bridge enabling bidirectional communication between the Java platform and COM technologies.

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w3pw PHP 1.4

w3pw is a web based password wallet manager written in PHP.


ShellPlus Components 1.0

Windows Explorer is a very flexible shell. Many of its dialogs, windows, menus and options can be changed or extended. To make it possible, Windows...

Shareware 1.0

Connection Server - a simple COM compatible component that caches ADO database connections.aIt can be used in ASP Sites do cache


2BGal 2.3.3

A photo gallery that features most viewed pics, number of pics displayed by page, labels and titles of albums or photos, and more. It also features...


6.0 CF Calendar Application

This is a powerful application used for storing and displaying events and easily integrated into any cold fusion application. It provides a monthly...


AL 1.0

"Al" is designed to allow you to use it to create static searches (i.e.: find all the books about 'widgets') or to search dynamically for anything...


ASPointer 1.0

ASPointer allows users to quickly and easily locate specific content in XML, HTML and ASP documents. It offers a wide range of ways to specify the...


Authpg 1.2B2

AuthPG is a PostgreSQL Authentication Module(mod_auth_pg) that enables Apache to authenticate users with the information stored in PostgreSQL...


Auto-notify Module For Esvon Classifieds

A database-enabled personal search agent that gives your site members the possibility to specify keywords, discrete price ranges or other features...


BannerBlair v2.0 2.0

Banner v2.0 is the NEW perfect tool for getting most out of your banner ads!Other banner ad rotators only display a new ad every time the page is...


Building a Simple COM Component with Visual C++

Building a Simple COM Component with Visual C++ is a web based tutorial through which users can gather information about procedure that have to be...


Create a random password 1.0

A nice little function that will generate a completely random password.



This is a perl script where users can manage their whole web site contents and add datas to any palce on their website. The users can modify,...

Shareware is a script that will go through the list of all your Web pages and match the ?last updated? string of your files with the ?last...



DGS is a simple to implement web program that allows your customers to pay online and instant-download your digital products - SECURELY. No...


DocBuilder - 1.I

DocBuilder makes it easy for users to manage online documentation on their website. Perfect for training manuals, intranets, employee handbooks,...