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Habbo Coin Gen

META-Gen 1.I

META-Gen is a PHP enabled tool that is used to produce META tags for easy listing on search engines. Your visitors can simply feed their data and...


page gen

The page gen is a PHP based script which allows you to display the time taken to display your website in seconds. The time taken to generate your...


Tag-Gen 1.0

The Tag-Gen is a meta tag generation script which is programmed in PHP. It can be easily integrated with your existing website. With this script...


Junior Gen 1.0

Junior Gen is a Jasper Report Template generator, from an annotated POJO it generate a jrxml file.


phpMyCoins is a php coin suite. 1.0

phpMyCoins is a php management suite for world coin collections.


dhcp-gen 1.3

dhcp-gen is a perl script that was written by me and Trond Erik Dalho to simplify editing dhcpd.

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febrl-gen 0.2

febrl-gen is a Java-based frontend to Febrl, an open-source data linkage system written in Python.

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Flip a Coin in PHP

By reading this article you can learn by yourself the techniques involved in randomizing different combinations of entities. The author has given...


META-Gen: META Tag Generator 1.0

Create complete META tags via a form. Enter values for description, keywords, resource-type, index, robots, distribution, author, and more. Output...


Next Gen Shopping Cart

This is a powerful program using which administrators can have a shopping cart system on their ASP supported websites. This program uses WYSIWYG...


TPassword Gen 1.1

A component that will generate a random password based on a number of user-defined options.

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IS-Gen 1.0

Report generator for database end-user. This first version will be helpful for IS developers.

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Constructing CNN-algorithm with gen.alg. 1.0

Genetic algorithm written in Matlab.


DB GEN 1.0

The project aims to create a set of test databases which might satisfy a given query Q.


GFX Code Gen 1.0

GFX Codegen is Java, EJB code generator for developing large-scale Desktop-based applications


Fakeroot Next Gen 0.17

Fakeroot-ng uses the debug interface (PTRACE) to fool programs into thinking they are running with root permission.

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CRUDO (JSF CRUD Gen Eclipse Plugin) 3

Java Server Faces (JSF) CRUD generator plugin for Eclipse.

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Live Sequence Chart Editor and Code-Gen 1.0

This is a graphical editor and code generator for Live Sequence Charts (LSCs).

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Spiritbot - Java UML/Code-Gen tools 1.0

Spiritbot is a suite of tools designed for use in software-engineering, CodeGenUML includes an XMI/MOF/UML reader and exporter.

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