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Gyc Automator

JV Firesale Automator

An all-in-one system that runs all your joint ventures on autopilot and makes you lots of money as you team up with your joint venture partners

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The NSIS Automator 1.0

The NSIS-automator is a simple dialog to get you started on your NSIS installer script.


Xgrid Automator 1.0

Xgrid Automator is an easy to install/use agent/deamon for Os X that distributes Xgrid jobs automaticly.


Code Automator 1.0

Automate your code!

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YUIcompressMac 1.0

A Mac OS X Automator wrapper which creates a drag and drop Mac application to minify js and css files using YUIcompressDrop js and/or css files on...


DictionSpeak 1.0

Type a word then listen to a definition or synonyms.


pelias 2

Creation of workflows that will be executed on clusters.