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Google Map In Microsoft Access Database

ASP XMLMaker 3.0

ASP XMLMaker is an easy-to-use code generator for creating ASP (Active Server Pages) that output XML from a Microsoft Access Database or any ODBC...

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ASPMaker 6.0.0

ASPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of ASP (Active Server Pages) quickly from a Microsoft Access Database or any...

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ASP Report Maker 1.0.1

ASP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic ASP (Active Server Pages) Web reports from a Microsoft Access Database or...

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File Uploading to Access Database using ASP.NET

File Uploading to Access Database using ASP.NET is a web based tutorial in which author tells about uploading the files from the client browser to...


Paging recordsets from access database

This is a database tool which is built in ASP program. This script is helpful for the users to view records step by step as ten pages instead of...


r-Access 1.I

r-Access is a database management system that provides fast and convenient way to view/edit remote (web hosted) databases over the Internet....


StateCounteX 3.I

State CounteX is a site statistics script written in ASP used for tracking the web site behaviour like, who is currently online, from where they...


Stp Database Administrator 2.III

Stp Database Administrator is an ASP based database tool. It uses Microsoft Access database to customize data. Users can also create blank...


Condominium Property Management 1.0

This is a Microsoft access database in 2007 format.


UCanAccess 0.0.2

UCanAccess is a pure Java JDBC Driver implementation which allows java developers and jdbc client programs to read/write Microsoft Access database (.

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.Net Web Stats

This is a powerful online counter which is based on .NET applications that allows webmasters to build their site with website counter which counts...


Access2ASP 3.II

Access2ASP is used to create ASP code to customize data from the MS ACCESS database table. This utility can also create an image library to allow...


Accessing Database using Tags in JSP Pages

You can learn from this tutorial to display records from the tables in an Access database using JDBC in JSP tags. It also discusses on BodyTag....


Action Calendar 1.III

Action calendar script is helpful for the web developers to facilitate their website with event calendar which is used for increasing the web...


Affiliate Guerrilla 3.VII

Affiliate Guerrilla is Windows compatible. AffiliateGuerrillaTM affiliate software is designed for Windows« hosted websites. The program uses ASP...


BMP Web Page Counter

Graphical hit counter with single-image output displays multiple digits without using any graphics libraries. Use as an image source from any HTML...


Building custom toolbars, menus, and popups in Microsoft Access 2002 applications

Building custom toolbars, menus, and popups in Microsoft Access 2002 applications is an article through which you can learn about how to create...


fipsCMS 3.VII

This is a database driven program which can be utilized by the administrators to perform a content management for updating their website. This...



This program helps webmasters to allow their visitors to view a quote whenever they visit their websites. This program supports Microsoft Access...


Generating Spreadsheet-Like HTML Tables

The main core of this article deals with showing a table consisting details from a database. In this article the author shows how to create a HTML...