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Gaussian Random Number Delphi

Improved Random Number Generator 1

A technique for generating robust random number sequences using the Windows CoCreateGUID function is described.

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AdSwap 1

Adswap includes the banner times and random pictures 2 times. You can random almost any thing you want. In the case of banners above that you can...


ASP Eight Ball

This is an online article that provides a script for 'magic eight ball' that deals on three things as follow: firstly a random number, secondly a...


Bingoware 1.V

Bingoware is a php scripted gaming application. This generates random Bingo numbers and displays a list of winners and numbers drawn. Ability to...


Clarification on Random Numbers

Clarification on Random Numbers is a web based tutorial which deals with various solutions for creating random numbers in the users website. This...


Fetching random record

In this article, the author gives some tips to fetch random record in a multiple records database. He gives two ways to do this job. For this he...


Generate a random number

Generating random numbers in ASP applications for example to sort database records randomly and to display random number with registration form,...


Generate a Random Picture with ASP

This ASP article provides the step by step explanation to create the random numbers for the images you use with your ASP page. Lets you to use the...


Generating a random number in JavaScript

A random number is useful- if not required- in the creation of many popular JS applications, such as a dice, random image script, or random link...


Generating Images on the Fly With PHP

This is a simple and useful tutorial which teaches you how to create images using PHP functions and to send them directly to the web browser. The...


Guess a Number

Guess a number game is a fun game written in perl script. This script asks you to set a maximum number for the random number. You are given four...


Guess Game 1.0

This script will think of a random number and prompt the player to make a guess. By giving too high/low clues, the player can narrow it down and...


Chameleon Bar

Chameleon Bar is a Java applet that can add colorful features to your separator bar. This applet can insert separator bars in your html page that...


Link Exchange Banner Rotator

This small script will help you to rotate your LE banners so that the same LE HTML code does not get called on a page(s). It creates and inserts a...



Learn how to work with numbers. Round long decimals. Add comas to a number. Get a random number.


Random daily number

This tutorial will show you how to generate a daily random number.


Random MySQL result set 1.0

This sample script produces a result set of random rows from a table. It does so by populating one of the columns with a random number, and then...


Random MySQL result-set

Random MySQL result-set is a PHP based tutorial for creating database related result tables. It requires MySQL database for storing and retrieving...


Random Number ?

Random Number is a Windows compatible script that will generate a random number using ASP.


Random Record From Database

The objective of this online article is to teach the webmasters about the method of displaying a random record from a database table. The author...