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1Crypt 1.03

A quick and professional way to add strong encryption to your application. 1Crypt is a function library (DLL) which allows you to easily and...

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1Way 5.5

Convert any application into time-limited shareware. A function library offering a flexible locking system with solid encryption. Generate serial...

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General Hash Function Algorithms 0.0.1

General hash function algorithm implementations for series of commonly used additive and rotative string hashing in the object pascal programming...

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selectDelphi 1.5

This is a tool for Developers who use MS SQL Server and want to take maximum advantage of Stored Procedures (SPs) and User Defined Functions...

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TKarnaughGrid - native Delphi component for minimization of boolean function withpictorial method of Karnaugh maps. Component allows you...

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Redirect with a Dropdown Menu in JavaScript

This simple scripts show a possibility to call a JavaScript function that retrieves a variable passed from drop down box as a parameter and then...

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Quickslice decorator 1.3

This script defines a decorator that allows for an abbreviated slice syntax in function arguments: {start:end}.


Automatic argument type conversion 1.3

This decorator can be used to cast argument types automatically, using a pre-specified list of types, when a function is called.


Flexible enumerate() 1.1

Flexible enumerate() script adds an additional start argument to the built-in enumerate function.


Automatic Recursion 1.3

This script presents you the tools for easy and stable recursion of current function when only selected arguments have to be changed.


Using introspection to verify Eiffel contracts 1.0

This script shows how you can use intospection to create a function wraper that verify Eiffel like contracts.


Associating parameters with a function 1.2

In functional programming, currying is a way to bind arguments with a function and wait for the rest of the arguments to show up later.


Obtaining the name of a function/method 1.0

This scripts shows you how to obtain the name of a method or a function from within the running method/function.


Method signature checking decorators 2.1

This script adds parameter type checking to each method or function invocation.


A ThunkSpace for Python 1.2

This script allows normal functions to be attached to a 'ThunkSpace' which causes the function to be lazily evaluated when the thunk is referenced.


Finding the value passed to a function by name 1.2

Sometimes inside a decorator that creates a function with a generic (*args, **kwargs) signature, you want to access a value passed for a particular...


Coding Standard Adaptor 1.0

This script contains a function, "rename_members", which takes an object, and two strings describing variable naming conventions (e.


Determining the current functions name 1.3

This script defines the whoaminow() function that can be used inside a function to determine, at the time it is called, the name under which...


Extract a inner function from a class 1.1

This function can extract a inner function from a class or a function.


Function emulation using __call__ 1.1

This script defines a simple but useful class that emulates a function to gracefully permit latent assignment.