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Free Project For Hrmanagement In Asp

ASP.NET control to prevent automated registrations

Lanap BotDetect for ASP.NET is security solution specially designed for use in ASP.NET web applications. Its purpose is to prevent automated...


dbQwikReport Pro 1.0

Simple web reports, simply. With dbQwikReport you can easily design reports that run on your web site. The easy to use wizard will have you making...

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ASP Naming Conventions

This naming conventions article helps ASP programmers to use the standard naming conventions for variables in ASP. If you use string variable in...


ASPFAQs : Arrays

This ASP article is available online that has several in-built related articles for arrays in ASP module and the FAQ system provides ready-made...


Debugging ASP.NET with Notepad

The main objective of this tutorial is to enhance the knowledge of utilizing a very simple tool like notepad for debugging in ASP.NET to the...


HDML and ASP Go Hand in Hand

This is a tutorial that elaborates about using Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML) and ASP combination on wireless internet phones. Author...


WAP with ASP - starting the WAP adventure

WAP with ASP - starting the WAP adventure is an useful lesson for beginners in ASP, this tutorial not only tells how to use WAP and ASP but also...


Aquila Game Engine 1.0

Aquila Game Engine (AGE) is small project for helping in developing multiplatform 2D games.


ianyframework 1.0

free project for java and flex.


IconBrowse 1.0

IconBrowse is a utility to browse for icons in .DLL, .EXE, .ICL, .CPL, ICO files and save the selected icon as bitmap.

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TAdvPageControl & TAdvTabSet 1.5

PageControl & TabSet with lots of added features:- close button in tab- color per tab, hover color, selected tab color- customize border color, tab...

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AdMentor II.21

AdMentor is a totally free ad rotator script written entirely in ASP. No binary components are needed on the server ( hosts tend to charge you...


Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.2

Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based report generator which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports. Stimulsoft Reports.Net is...

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Calculate Distance Between Two Points Us Visit | Rate | Error ?

Calculate Distance Between Two Points Us Visit | Rate | Error is a multi-platform compatible program to calculate the distance between two...


EmailMover - an Advanced ASP Autoresponder 2.II

An Advanced ASP AutoResponder and Email Campaign Manager that runs on your website. Professional features. Fully integrated Wysiwyg Html Editor....


gee! Coupon Manager 3.0

The gee! Coupon Manager? is a great way to create coupons displaying specials and discounts on current products, services or promotions. Visitors...


HiPower-ASPScriptGuard 1.0

HiPower-ASPScriptGuard is an IMMENSELY powerful & EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT tool for SECURING FILE PATHS of scripts or image files such as . js, . css, ....


mynetguy .

mynetguy is Macintosh compatible. Experts programmers forum for exchange Tips and resources with other ASP experts programmers, free application...


Pre ASP Job Board 2.0

Pre ASP Job Board is most enhanced job boards for internet job seekers and providers. Easily customizable and fully featured job board written in...


Reciprocal Link Manager 1.0

Product Features L Automatic reciprocal link checkerL Category and Link indexingL Admin link approvalL Category link approval L Categories and...