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Free Java Apps For Samsung Corby Pop

100% Free Java Applets 4.2

These products are not trialware or evalware - but fully functioning versions which are free for you to use however you wish. Scrolling Text; Free...

Freeware Free Java Collection Free Java Collection is a collection of Java applets and utilities, which covers various categories like multimedia, slideshows,...


Java Ghosts For Halloween ?

Java Ghosts For Halloween is a multi-platform compatible script that will spook up your page with this free set of thirteen ghostly JAVA applet...


TinyUML - free Java UML 2 editor 0.13.02

TinyUML is a free software tool for easy and quick creation of UML 2 diagrams.

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100% Free Java Tree Applet 4.II

As the name suggests the 100% Free Java Tree Applet is a java applet absolutely free of cost. The tree menu applet provides unlimited tree depth...


Free Chat Rooms for your website 1.I

Free Chat Rooms for your website


Free Java Applets

A great collection of free Java applets such as scrollers, text animations, visual effects, and more.


Lock & Key is a royalty free security component for you applications 1.02

Lock & Key is a royalty free security component for you applications. Distribute trial versions of your products which can be easily ounlockedo to...

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Java Library for C language (JLC) 1.0

What we do in this project is to implment Java Libary for C language.


JWords Java Interface for WordNet rc

JWords is a simple and easy to use Java interface for the WordNet 2.

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Java Libray for XML generation 1.0

Java library for Schema parsing and XML generation.


Free Pascal Compiler for Delphi 1.0

Free Pascal Compiler for Delphi


JAGA - Java API for Genetic Algorithms 1.0.b.13.04.04

Java API for implementing any kind of Genetic Algorithm and Genetic Programming applications quickly and easily.

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Free Java Video Tutorials 1.0

Free Java Video Tutorials Created by screencasting lectures in java taught in JPDC.


Opoo Apps for Java 1.0

A set of Java utilities, including generic DAO interface, cache, file storage, AOP tools and some other open source applications.

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jgeocoder - Free Java Geocoder 1.0

Geocoding is the process of estimating a latitude and longitude for a given location.

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FLISP-J: Free Lisp Library for Java 0.1

Free & Compact Lisp Library for Java 5.

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Java Utilities for WEB apps 1.0

Utility classes for manager databases, xml, email, pdf documents and more.


Developing and distributing Java applications for the client side

Java Web Start is a client-side technology that enables Java applications to launch either from a desktop or from a Web page. This alleviates from...


RSSlib - Free RSS Reader For PHP Pages

With RSSlib you can add for free any RSS feed (XML content) to your site. Available for PHP & ASP. See on our site demo, documentation, RSS feeds...