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Free Code For Loan Management In Java

phpMyVisites 1.2.2002

... open-source and free application for the management of statistics of ... After you have installed the application on ... web server (the installation phase is completely ... you need to insert a short Javascript code (you will be ... you are only intested by the number ... wish to analyze in depth your statistics (in taking advantage of ... is broken down in five main sections ... origin, configurations, affluents.Information (data) on the ... work or home)Information on page views ... table and comparaison for each page with ... percentage of exit for each page- table ... different visitor paths for one pageOrigin- World ... who are highlighted in function of the ... ignored automatically)-automatic installation of a cookie ... is not counted in the statistics)-automatic ... modification of data for each website-display of the javascript code for a particular website ... are the statistics for?The statistics given by ... on the website. For example, you will ... the content, etc...). For example, if your ...



... provides a comprehensive Java screen capture API for Java applications. You can ... it as a java.awt.image.BufferedImage object for further manipulation in Java code. # Multiple Capturing ... on the screen, including: full-screen capture ... windows, mouse cursor inclusion, etc. # Capturing ... can also receive information about all available ...

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Codejay - Code Generator Tool

Codejay - Code Generator Tool is a .NET content management tool that create thousand lines of code for all application in the database. This ... manage the content in the database, automatic ...


RiaBiz Business Software Generator 1.0

A self-hosted Code Generator (CG) implementing in Java, which can be ... a template generator for legacy systems, a new module generator for existing systems and ...


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sql2object 1.0

... a database sql insert query string to initializer for the object in java code.


shiraim 1.0

... general-purpose structure for developing server in java. The original purpose ... project is only for internal use. The features ... way its source code is share in a hope that ... to benefit someone in somehow.


Coffeecup Button Factory 6.1

... can make buttons for your site in Java or Flash.Use ... create custom buttons for your site. In the Java side, add rollovers ...


Dyanmic URLs using php and mysql

This tutorial is for creating dynamic urls ... author also suggests for better understanding of ... look at the code for index.php in his CMS core ... are created and for more details he ... post your doubts in the support forums available on the ...


Flying Focused Ad Window

... Window is a JavaScript code that executes a ... also the position, increment in moving, height and ... the visitor. The free code can be placed in the head section ... to implement this in your web page ...


Python and XML Processing

... an excellent choice for writing programs that ... to documentation and code for handling XML in Python, and also ... some selected resources for learning about XML ...


TUserColor 1.3

Tool kit for color management in text/graphics editors, spreadsheets ... applications with Office'97 interface.

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javaXDR 2

... a small library for XDR serialization in java. It will include an XDR parser ...


pgst 1.3

An intuitive GUI (GTK-based) for PostgreSQL management in under 100K (zipped ...

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TableMaker 2.2.4

... and-click web-interface for databases, written in Java and JSP. Ad ... database and exported in tab delimited format. Queries may be ...

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... Abstraction Penalty benchmark for Small Objects in Java and C#, version ...

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santos 1.0

... a multiple source-code/resource generator developed in Java that takes an XML instance and generates the required source-code/resources as specified in its descriptor file ...


Shikari 1.2.7

... plugins that check for internationalization problems in Java applications. It runs ...

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Automatizer 32

... of macro player for Windows, written in Java. Its original purpose ... Developed at IAFE - Instituto de AstronomA­a y ... del Espacio (spanish for Institute of Space Astronomy ...

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SoftMouse 1.0

SoftMouse: support for multiple mice in Java


VFSJFileChooser 5

A free Virtual Filesystem Browser written in Java. It can replace the standard java JFileChooser in applications that need ...

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