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Framework For Web Based Video Semantic C

JFrame 1.0

JFrame is Model View Controller Model2 framework for Web based applications written in Java language.

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Cawa 1.0

Javascript framework for Web-based applications.


MAXcms - Maximum Content-Management 1.0

MAXcms is a content-management-system and a framework for web-based-application-development


CgiGate 1.0

CgiGate is a tool for programmers wanting to write CGI forms handling for web-based applications. CgiGate is optimised for use by Clarion...


Delivering on the .NET Vision

Delivering on the .NET Vision is a reference guide which describes about Microsofts vision of developing .NET as a complete solutions for web based...


Chico Digital Md5 Secure Encrypted Login 0.02

Chico Digital Md5 Secure Encrypted Login multi-platform compatible. MD5-based encryption on both client and server machines allows 'pretty strong'...


Aponwao Framework 1.0

The main goal of Aponwao Framework Project is to develop a PHP-Based Framework for Web Applications Development with native support for Services...


OurIbatis 1.0

OurIbatis is based on Java technology for the rapid development of the MVC web application framework, Frame Design ideas from numerous projects...


CodeGenious 1.0

This program is a code generator for web based applications which supports cayenne Object Relational Mapping Framework, any RDBMS and struts.


Screen Objects 1.0

Screen Objects is framework for object based web application developments.


LazyJ 1.0.5

LazyJ is a rapid development framework for Java-based WEB applications.

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Purity mini-framework 0.1

Purity mini-framework is a MVC framework for Java-based web-applications.

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echofaces 0.2

Echo faces is a view level framework for java based web application and it is implemented with echo2.

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Nucli 1.0

Nucli is a light-weight MVC-based, PHP 5 framework for web applications, with XHTML-compliant XSL-templated output engine.


Tellurium Automated Testing Framework 1.0

The Tellurium Automated Testing Framework (Tellurium) is a UI module-based automated testing framework for web applications.


CUMock 1.0

CUMock or CMock is a mock framework for interaction based unit testing, inspired by JMock.


zxaf 1.0

Simple, Fast, Extensible application framework for web sites and applications.


ActiveEdit 3.0

ActivEdit is a Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML editor for web-based Content Management developers. It's an ActiveX DHTML editing component that embeds...


AeroMail I.45

AeroMail is a script based on php for web based emails and uses basic HTTP authentication to pass the username and password to the IMAP server, and...


Aiocp (all In One Control Panel 1.0.016a

Aiocp (all In One Control Panel is a multi-platform compatible Content Management System (CMS), a professional all-inclusive solution to completely...