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Framework Application

Deploying ASP.NET Applications

This online article deals with deploying ASP.NET Applications. The author further discusses about the file system layout, resolving class...


Rebex Secure Mail for .NET 2.0

SMTP over SSL, IMAP over SSL, POP3 over SSL, S/MIME - all you need for sending, receiving and processing emails from .NET framework application...

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JavaTeam is an integrated portal based on Liferay Portal that provides community like-Facebook functionalities oriented to software communities and...

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DNA construction kit 1.0

Simplify and speed up design processes of multimedia projects using this framework application.

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Zend Framework Project Creator 1.0

An easy to use application which helps you creating the structure for a new Zend Framework application.


Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell) 0.4.0

Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell) is an open source, community-driven framework/application for the integration and utilization of datasets,...

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Cubicle 1.0

Cubicle is a framework / application server based on the infamous Spring framework and works with a component approach.


GlobalFramework 1.0

GlobalFramework is a framework application written in PHP to provide Enterprise Application developers a stable and fast environment for...


Quds Framework 1.0

A framework/application skeleton intended to be the base of web applications built using OSGi and spring.


Rebex Mail for .NET 1.0

SMTP, IMAP, MIME, POP3 - all you need for sending, receiving and processing emails from .NET framework application.

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Active Agenda 1.0

Active Agenda is a community developed software application for operational risk management (OpRisk).


MadButterfly 1.0

MadButterfly is a SVG based GUI framework.


Easy MAPI Toolkit 3.0.0

Easy MAPI toolkit contains a set of wrapper components around the Microsoft Extended MAPIinterfaces.Easy MAPI also gives you the possibility to...

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RAPWare Easy Script 3.5.0

RAPWare Easy Script is a implementation of a scriptcontrol based on the Microsoft Scripting Technologies.Unlike most other scripting solutions you...

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QP Active Object (Actor) Frameworks 4.5.04

QP is a family of lightweight software frameworks for building responsive and modular real-time embedded applications as systems of cooperating,...

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PHP Taxi booking script 1.0.4

Open source taxi booking script is a successful business that has the potentiality to generate huge revenue if one can enhance the quality of...

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Habanero 2.3.1

An Enterprise Application Framework for .Net that produces an agile application from the data layer through to the front-end. Free open source...

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libASSA 2.4.2

libASSA is a UNIX/Linux Object-Oriented C networking (BSD sockets) library and application framework based on Adaptive Communication Patterns.


C3-Lock Lite

C3-Lock Lite is a highly sophisticated password protection and user management system written in Perl and using MySQL database backend capable of...

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