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Flow Chart Of Bus Reservation Booking

Ticket Booking Script 1.0

PHP/MySQL based ticket reservation/ booking system that can ... on any website offering event or service ... Installing the ticket booking script on a ... managing events and bookings would be a piece of cake through a ... administration page. Ticket Booking script is a feature-rich online booking software that allows ... an unlimited number of events, manage reservations and bookings, upload graphic active selection map, accept bookings and online payments ... selection map. TICKET BOOKING SCRIPT Essentials: * ...

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Source Code to Flowchart

Source code to Flowchart is a Code Flowchart generator for code flowcharting and visualization.It can generate programming flow chart from source code ...

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Exploit .NET Objects

... about the exploitation of system objects i ... efficient codes. Graphical flow chart representation and example ...


The ASP Chain

A helpful explanation of what exactly an ... works. Includes a flow chart showing how things ...


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Adapting legacy applications as Web services

... transaction management. Complete flow chart architecture has been ...


AEA MMPieChart 1.0

This chart applet sets up a 3D pie chart of your data for you with lots of customizable parameters. In ...


Display stock market information

... choose any one of them and thereby to display annual chart of the data. This ... by the webmasters of the financial sites ...


phpMyVisites 1.2.2002

... for the management of statistics of websites. After you ... to take advantage of the statistics. It ... by the number of web page consultation ... in taking advantage of several features of phpMyVisites) and to ... Apparence de phpMyVisitesList of functionalitiesThis is an exhaustive list of available statistics on ... the visits:- number of visits- number of visitors- number of page views- average numnber of page views per visitor- average time of visit- average time of visits per page- percentage of visits per page view- summary of the selected period (comparison of the last 6 days/weeks/months)- chart showing the summary- chart of the time of visit per visitor- chart of visitors per local hour- chart of visitors per server hour- chart of connection locations (work ... page views- number of different page views (different URLs)- record of the number of page views per ... two previous periods- chart of the number of visits by number of page views- chart of page views per local hour- chart of page views per ... up- detailed table of entry pages on ... website- detailed table of exit pages with percentage of exit for each ... highlighted in function of the number of visits coming from those continents- map of the selected continent ... visits- classification table of the country of origin of the visitors (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- table of the visitors' service providersConfigurations- classification table of the operating systems (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- classification table of the browsers (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- classification table of the screen resolutions (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- table of proportion of large screens (widescreen ... ratio)- classification table of color depths (3D pie chart with the data of the table)Referrals-3D pie chart summary of all the affluents of the website (search ... entries)-classification table of search engines-classification table of keywords-classification table of referring pages-number of direct entries to ... configure the variables of the not allowed ... automatically)-automatic installation of a cookie on ... the statistics-modification of data for each website-display of the javascript code ... improve the administration of the visitor on ...


Scrolling Strip Chart ?

Scrolling Strip Chart is a Macintosh compatible scrolling strip chart applet display of realtime data. Demo ... a running strip chart of any realtime data ...


SQL-Ledger Accounting 1.8.2004

... linked through a chart of accounts. Each item ... used in lieu of Quotations or work ...


Visual Browser for C/C++

... generator with code flowcharting and visualization.It ... to visualize and flowchart c,c++ code.Its flow chart Documentation Generator supports ...

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AthTek Code to FlowChart 1.5.2

Code to FlowChart is an advanced source code to flowchart converter for software ... can automatically generate flow chart/NS chart from source code ... diagrams. Code to FlowChart reverse engineers your ... into high-quality flow charts or UML Activity Diagrams. It flow chart can be fully ... use high-quality chart to let code ...

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Html colour chart 1.0

This is html chart of colours showing the ... it for any of your projects so ...


c2vcg 1.0b3

... in graphical control flow chart in VCG GDL ...

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Modelica Library Flow Chart Generator 0.4

... files and generates flow charts of module connectivity in ...

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EDGE Diagrammer 5.0

Professional diagramming, flowcharting, and design tool ... Create any type of block or flow diagrams. Use built ... all the features of expensive packages such ... layout, adding any of a variety of text styles, and ... lines that maintain flows and relationships. Also ...

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i-Net infotech Online Bus,Train,Flight Booking Script 1.6.3

... PHP script for Bus, Train and Flight Booking System.

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SharpShooter Diagrams 1.0

... a complicated problem of decision making in ... in the form of flow chart or diagram provides ... and fair concept of processes and their interconnections. But often the building of such scheme requires a lot of time and special knowledge. SharpShooter Diagrams offers a unified designer for diagrams and charts building which can ... user to create flow charts, org charts and other diagram ... and change size of any graph or group of graphs with few ... the diagram or chart to XML or ... objects with plenty of properties setting up ... to use BPMN (Business Process Management Notation ... intersections and turnings of link routes doesn't ... applications. The customization of the graph behavior ... Virtually any aspect of the design-time behavior of any diagram objects ... simple object model of the diagram allows ...

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Crystal FLOW 1.83

... Less Time:Create Flowchart from Source Code ... a clear view of the code with Flowcharts. Inherited legacy code? A new member of the team? You ... time. Verify correctness of function logic. Detect errors. Use Flowcharts to review and refactor code. Use Flowcharts for faster Code-reviews. Comment-based flowcharts for a wider audience. Export flowcharts as .bmp or ... read:Automatic-Formatting of Code and Comments ... Metrics ... HTML documents of source+comments (Javadoc like ... Detailed cross-reference of all identifiers of your project.

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