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Find Strings In Text


Need to change some text that could be in hundreds of text files? Well XchangeCL can make this easy for you. It will find files using wild cards...

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csart - Clever-Search-And-Replace-Text 0.7

csart - Clever-Search-And-Replace-Text Search, find and replace text in named files or recursive in all directories (-r).

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AEA MMShiningMessage 1.0

AEA MMShiningMessage is a Java applet that can find use in any web page to a text effect in which a magic light will appear and make appear each...


Configuration Overview

In this article you can find information about the hierarchical configuration infrastructure of the ASP.NET. The configuration data are stored in...


DataToMail 1.0

This applet allows you to display and find information in a more attractive way than a simple and long list. You can easily and quickly find data...


LTrim,- RTrim,- and Trim Functions

Those who want to learn more functions on strings in ASP can go through this online ASP learning module which lets them to understand the text...


Quick Fix - Search and Replace 1.1

Quickly search and replace strings of text in multiple files on your server. Update links, paths or tags in multiple files across multiple...


Quiz Cards 0.1

Quiz Cards uses flash cards as a tool for learning by quizzing yourself. It collects two sided cards into stacks with each side can optionally have...


String Manipulation : Mid Function

This is an ASP learning resource that describes in detail about the 'MID' function in strings. Tells the ways to give the parameters within the...


StudioSpell 1.0

Using this powerful tool you can do the spell check for the strings and text in the source codes and HTML web pages. This tool checks only the text...


Unicode to punycode online decoder and encoder

Conversion of Unicode and Punycode on web based text is demonstrated on this ASP tutorial with working demo. And from this tutorial you will be...


Izlenim Hyphenator 1.00

The TIzlenimHyphenator is a non-visual VCL component for text hyphenation, of US-English. The algorithm used to achieve this is called TeX. It uses...

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Generating all strings of a given alphabet 1.1

This script shows a way to generate a list of all strings (in this case, string=list of symbols) of a given alphabet having a specified length by...


XVI32 1.2

XVI32 is a hex-editor for files up to 2 GB:Display in text and hex modeFully resizeable window (number of rows/columns)Adjust font and font sizeSet...

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RAM Library b.2.7

Tested, portable, standard C++ source code for policy based log stream, configuration data, external string table, field-delimited strings and text...

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Find And Replace Text command line utility.

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Grep GUI 0.10.1.beta

Search words in text files, display matching lines in tabs.

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@1 Day and Week

A script that shows the date and time zone in text or the day of the week in an image. You may create your own images for the seven days. SSI...


@feedback form 4.0

This script is useful for creating a form. It supports number of forms and number of fields. Webmasters can create and send a reply through email...


ABC Mail Manager 3.0

A simple mailing lists manager with database backend. The mailing is performed in text or HTML format with the ability to attach files. An archive...