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File Connection Class

Writing a File Upload Class

This is a tutorial and an article which makes users to create a file upload class. This article allows setting of the upload directory, upload log...


File Format Class Generator 1.0

File Format Class Generator (ffcg) is a Java program designed to help Javadevelopers handle different structured file formats, and files conforming...


File Upload Class

This is a php program where files are uploaded and downloaded in webserver through web browser on any sites. It determines file type and file size...


Rtf File Generator Class 2.V

RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web server, without using any other applications except PHP. Using special markup language...


File and Directory Manipulation

File and Directory Manipulation is an ASP.NET tutorial through which programmers can gain knowledge about useful methods of file and directory...


TransFile 1.0

Delphi file stream class with commit/rollback capabilities. Usage transaction mechanism provides reliable restoring contents of the file after...


Flatfile package

Light but powerful and flexible flat file database class, featuring equivalents to SQL SELECT (including LIMIT and ORDER BY), INSERT, UPDATE, and...


Herong's Tutorial Notes on Perl - Part A

This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was...


Yahc 0.4

This is an HTTP connection class that is useful for connecting to a server on an arbitrary port and executing commands.


TransactionFile 1.0

TransactionFile is the Delphi file stream class with commit/rollback capabilities. Usage transaction mechanism provides reliable restoring contents...

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Coherent Nucleus 1.0

Coherent Nucleus is a Java classloader implementation which is used to build executable jar files which contain other jar files that need to be...


Class Encrypt 1.2

Java class file encryption.

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Java Class Utility 1.0

With this utility you can change value of constant string in .


Stream Extension Classes 2.0.1

This class library provides some classes that can be used to extend the functionality of Delphi's TStream classes.At present the classes provided...

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Bandwidth Management Tools 1.0

Bandwidth Management Tools provides a powerful firewall configuration utility.


CMyStd C/C++ Library 1.0

The goal of this project is to provide a set of classes for writing simple multiplatform console applications or libraries.


PHP'ersist 105

Persistence layer for PHP-5.

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ClassBased-I18n 1.0

ClassBased-I18n is a console program which provide you some convenience when handling i18n resource bundle files with eclipse IDE.


LRemote 1.0

LRemote is a very simple Remote-Procedure-Call library for Java.


ASP and VBS, ADO and DBF file database connection

Through this article the author describes the task of ADO and DBF file database connection. This tutorial covers the area about how to create...