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Face Recognition Adaboost

StarTrinity web camera face recognition library 1.2

StarTrinity face recognition library is designed for biometric face login in web-based solutions.

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Luxand FaceSDK 7.0

Real-time precision face recognition and identification SDK for C++, C#, Objective C, VB, Java and Delphi. FaceSDK enables developers to build web,...

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faint - The Face Annotation Interface 1.0

Java framework for face detection and face recognition based on different plugin and filter types.

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Luxand FaceSDK 1.0

Detect human faces and recognize facial features in your applications with Luxand FaceSDK. Facial feature recognition allows automating...

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FaceMorpher Web Edition 1.2

Display animated morphs of one face into another with automatic nose-to-nose and lips-to-lips transformation. Impress your visitors by showing how...

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SentiVeillance SDK Trial 7.0.191272

Real-time biometric face recognition and pedestrian/vehicle tracking SDK for surveillance systems and networks. Supports up to 10 cameras on one...

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The Open Source Future House. 1.0

This project aims to let your house react around you using cheap electronics(like webcams) or sensors.


In-your-face message greeting

In-your-face message greeting is a JavaScript, which can be incorporated into your web page to implement an effect in which the text to be...


Face Paint 1.0

Face Paint is an extension to JavaServer Faces that use Extensible Style Sheet for rendering views.


Ink2Text Handwriting Recognition System

This system provides printed and cursive handwriting recognition service as a shared library on GNU/Linux/Unix systems.

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iGesture - Gesture Recognition Framework 1.0

iGesture is a Java-based gesture recognition framework providing access to multiple gesture recognition algorithms and different input devices.

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Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition alpha.0.2

Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition is developed to recognize hand written letter and characters.

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Modular Audio Recognition Framework 1.0

MARF is a general cross-platform framework with a collection of algorithms for audio (voice, speech, and sound) and natural language text analysis...

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TCR Neuroph -Text Character Recognition 1.0

TCR Neuroph - Text Character Recognition is java tool developed to recognize scanned text , using Java Neural Network Framework - Neuroph

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K-Face for PHP 1.0

K-Face is a GUI framework for PHP.


Speech recognition 1

Macro generator for Dragon Naturally Speaking.With this tool you can create very complex macro's, making use of the full potential of Python as...

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Image Recognition Web Test Plugin IV.30

It is the world's first technology that allows you to automate and test web sites using images instead of cumbersome X/Y coordinates. It relies...


Unified Character Recognition 1.0

UCR is a project name for the development of an handwritten characters in Korean language.


Java Object Face 1.0

JOF provide a way for displaying and populating java objects.

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Open Source Speech Recognition Grammars 1.0

The VoiceXML Forum Tools Committee is building a set of open-source grammars for use by speech service developers.