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Event Logger

OTLOG, the One True Logger 1.0

OTLOG, The One True Logger, is a multi-process debugging output and event logger, with advanced filtering and reactionary analysis capability.


TQProgressBar 1.0

TQProgressBar is a ProgressBar replacement, which can :display a flat or cylindric bar (two kind of cylinder effect available) ;the bar can be...


TQSpiderGraph 1.0

This component displays spider graphs (aka radar graph) with as many axes and lines as you want (keep it readible...).It has numerous properties...

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HotLog 2.0

HotLog.pas is a unit that defines THotLog, a multithreaded, object oriented, and buffered safe log file manager.v 2.0 adds the most wanted feature:...

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OS-independent framework written in C++ 1.0

General-purpose library written in C++.


Flash Event Calendar

Do you want to put a calendar on your website? Are you looking for a simple yet powerful calendar solution? Flash Event Calendar is the right...

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PHP Event Calendar by Vevs LTD 1.1

PHP Event Calendar is an easy to use event calendar script which can be used on all your websites and web pages. There are unlimited amount of...

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Event Booking Calendar

Using Event Booking Calendar you can have a calendar of events which people can book online. Using password protected administration page you can...

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ASP.NET Event Calendar Now in Video Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial to create a basic event calendar for your ASP.NET MVC application within just 10 minutes.

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Event Calendar PHP 1.2

Event Calendar PHP a calendar script, where you can place different events and occurrences into your website. Very simple and user friendly...


Event Script PHP 1.1

Event Script PHP is easy to customize and place into your current website. Visitors to your website will be able to read the events you uploaded...

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Brolmo Event Calendar

Remotely hosted web application which helps you to create, manage and integrate an event calendar into your website. No installation and coding...


PHP Event Calendar 3.0

PHP event calendar script by Stivasoft: five calendar layouts, multiple calendar views, recurring events and AJAX based front-end. Use an...

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Project Logger 1.0

The Project Logger provides a simple yet effective means for keeping people informed about the progress of projects, itineraries, or any sort of...


Code Camp Event Module

Code Camp Event Module allows you to create events complete with speakers, sessions and an agenda.


Event driven programming 1.3

Event driven programming script demonstrates how state driven programming can be done in python.


Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner 1.0

The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner is an open source program for performing automated commonsense reasoning using the event calculus, a...


Universal Logger 1.0

Universal Logger is a java server(log4j) + console(lumbermill++) for storing events from log4j, log4cpp, .


Event Portal 1.0

Event Portal is an advanced and responsive php web software allowing to create easily event listing and ticket selling websites.

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.NET Delegate Event Model vs COM Connection Points

This article is for the .NET learners and for the users who are eager to learn and know more about the use of delegate event model with COM...