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Escape Mars

Adventure Castle

Adventure castle is a maze game in which the player acts as the prisoner of wizard's castle. He has to escape through the exit door with lot of...


DevSolutions Crypt 1.0

DevSolutionsCrypt library is a powerful and easy to use cryptographic ActiveX and DLL component for Windows developers that allows applications to...


INFO: Common Errors When You Debug ASP.NET Applications in Visual Studio .NET

Debugging is a process through which the webmasters identify the errors in their web application and to rectify it atonce. While debugging, again a...


JavaScript Functions

This is a reference article that comes with over ten functions in javascript. Programmers can find explainations with sample codes seperately for...


mars site templating system 1.0

mars site templating system is a php based script and is a powerful content management system. It is simple and easy to handle. It includes...


Perl Variable HTML Escape and UnEscape

Perl Variable HTML Escape and UnEscape is a script which is capable of converting the non word characters into html � format. You can use this...



This smaller and effective ASP tutorial lets you perform the URL encoding process using Server.URLEncode within your ASP scripts. Also, tells how...


Mars Rover Simulator 1.0

The Mars Rover Simulator project is based on the evolutionary robotics paradigm where an artificial agent acquires its skills through the process...

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idea_stringmanip 1.2.0

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for text manipulation:-Un/Escape Java text-Un/Escape JavaScript text-Un/Escape HTML text-Trim text-Trim all spaces-Remove all...

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ansifilter 1.7

Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes.

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Pax Imperialis & Others 11

Home of Pax Imperialis MMORPG and others projects as Defender of Mars, CsIndex, Wox, .

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Escape-K 20070122

Escape-K is an open-source IT management platform.

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Mars Platform 1.0

Mars Platform is to provide a distributed platform for java application, provide high flexible and robust in node manage and module manage, a very...


Mars UTF (Unit Test Frame Work) 1.0

Mars UTF is a unit Test Framework based on KITCAT which is used for regression testing of the IP-PABX scenarios.


FineCrypt 8.1

Professional encryption tool with the following features: highly secure encryption with a single mouse click; secure communication with other users...


Actions for .NET 1.0

nxSharp Actions for .NET is component for Windows Forms for rapid and handy user interface development. This component is analog of Delphi VCL...

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wxForms 1.0.1

wxWidgets Form designer plugin for Borland / CodeGear C++ Builder.wxForms help you to use the powerful form designer of C++ builder to create cross...

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NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) library 1.0

Reads and extracts NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) format.

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SQL Server Data Access Components 7.0 Beta

SDAC is a VCL/LCL/FMX component library for fast direct access to SQL Server from Delphi and C++Builder. It supports all SQL Server data types and...

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Batch RegEx 5.0

Replace, format, and extract text in multiple files using Regular Expressions. Perform GREP-like tasks including search and replace, RegEx...

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