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singelboerse 1

Entwicklung einer Singelbrse fr Teens ( 16 - 30) fr www.

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Deutsche Spekulative-Fiktion DatenBank 1.0

Ziel ist die Entwicklung des Freien WebFrontEnds fr die dsfdb.


Rechnernetze-Script 1.0

Entwicklung eines Vorlesungsscriptes zum Inhalt Rechnernetze.


Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch 1.0

Entwicklung eines Fahrtenbuch-Systems zur Vereinfachung der Teilnahme und Beschleunigung der Auswertung am Wanderfahrer-Wettbewerb des Deutschen...


ZylBurner 1.0

ZylBurner is a CD burner Delphi component. It needs Nero Burning ROM to be


ZylNMEAGenerator 1.0

ZylNMEAGenerator is a Delphi component that transforms position data in NMEA format.You can generate complex NMEA sentences from simple data...


ZylGPSSimulator 1.0

ZylGPSSimulator is a Delphi GPS receiver simulator component. It creates a virtual serial port (COMM port), converts the position parameters in...


Opus DirectAccess 3.53

Opus DirectAccess is a plug-in database driver for Microsoft Access databases. Features:It offers the widest range of exposed functionality of the...

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delight Expert 1.3

Visually show TabOrder and auto correct it.delight Expert is an IDE Expert for Delphi 7. For each visual control it shows the TabOrder visually on...

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HeadHunter 1.1

Aim of the Game is to grab as much as possible of a covered area. Therefore you cut out pieces of this area with your player. During cutting you...

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Desk Marker 1.7.5

Desk Marker allows to draw on windows with different pensize and color. The visual controls mode allows to mark visual controls like buttons and...

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MarqueeProgressBar 1.0

MarqueeProgressBar is an extended ProgressBar component which supports the Windows XP Marquee style.

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Create your Delphi object-model for Interbase/Firebird in six simple steps.Features:creation of all necessary procedures, generators, triggers etc....

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ChrisTV Professional 3.60

ChrisTV Professional - best program for viewing TV on your PC - developed for TV Tuners with WDM Drivers installed. Supports all TV Cards based on...

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CLXPano 1.0

Panorama component for CLX applications.

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Own Cursors

This sample shows custom made mouse cursors that are stored in a resource file.

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TFormulaParser 1.0

Expandable formula parser. Can handle variables. When the parser needs the value of a variable, it creates an event to get it. Very fast if using...

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Explorer Drop 1.1

The TExplorerDrop component enables Drag&Drop with the Windows Explorer for all controls inherited from TWinControl.

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ZylVSS 2.10

ZylVSS is a Delphi / C++Builder component that makes the work with Visual SourceSafe easier that you think.Using this great component you will be...

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SerialSniffer 1.30

SerialSniffer collects information about data, which is transmitted via aserial link. Connect SerialSniffer to a single device, which transmits...

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