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Engine Game Online

Online Game- Battle Sigs

Battlesigs is a PHP based program by which the web owners can facilitate their website with online game facility. With the help of this program the...


Codename: Retic 1.0

State of the Art 3D Gaming Engine (Game) with scalable C/S design


Epsilon Render Framework 1.0

This is a personal project that I started after leaving my previous job, where I oversaw the development of an in-house 3D engine for online gaming.


Zen Worlds rc.0.5.0

Zen Worlds is an object oriented C++ virtual worlds / MMO game engine framework.

1.5 MB

eZee Centrix 1.1

eZee Centrix is a simple web based tool which allows the hotel revenue management team to maintain the hotelís rate, availability distribution and...

3.3 MB

SPIKED Online Game Engine 1.0

The SPIKED Online Game Engine is a free 2-D open source project written in Visual Basic.


eZee Reservation - Online Hotel Booking Engine 1.042.47

eZee Reservation allows Hotels to get online booking from their own Websites. Take your property's reservation and occupancy rates to new levels...

7 B

Flash Website Templates and Online Design Engine

Flash Website Templates and Online Design Engine helps you build your own multimedia rich, high impact flash website with its online Flash Website...


Orx: Portable Game Engine 64.1.4

Orx is a portable, lightweight, plugin-based, data-driven and extremely easy to use 2D-oriented game engine.

6.2 MB

Gel2D Game Engine 32

Gel2D is a free/open-source, cross-platform, object-oriented, 2-dimensional game engine written in C++.

16.4 MB

Greasy Game Engine 0.02

A very high level 2d tile grid based game engine written in Python and PyGame.

4.5 KB

RealmForge (now Visual3D Game Engine) 0.6.2

The first 3D game engine built in C# for .

89.3 MB

Lixoo 2D adventure game engine 20040919

Lixoo is a extensible, fast and small 2D point'n'click adventure game engine.

55.6 KB

MAD - Adventure Game Engine 200

The MAD Project is an attempt to create a powerful, flexible game engine, which is specifically designed for graphical adventure games.

1.8 MB

Open SAGE(Super Adventure Game Engine) 1.0

An open Source Adventure game engine.


Pipmak Game Engine 1.0

Pipmak is a cross-platform game engine and authoring environment for point-and-click adventure games in the style of the Myst series.

13.1 MB

bare2d - 2d game engine 1.0

Bare2d is a multi platform 2d game engine that handles only the most bare things: 1.

1.7 KB

LITS Game Engine 1.0

LITS is a game development engine, which offers basic implementations of the most needed interfaces: Graphic, Network, Sound and Input.

1.5 MB

SaneT Game Engine 1.0

SaGE (SaneT Game Engine) is a Game Engine, built on top of the largely successful Open Source Irrlicht graphic engine, along with irrKlang for...

7.6 MB