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Embed Video In Website

IPCheckpint website monitoring tool 1.0

IPCheckpoint is a market leader in website monitoring, reporting and alerting for enterprises and service providers. Our goal is to deliver an...

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Website Traffic Stats Application Template

This script is built in ASP with MS Access database as backend to store track reports of the website. This script is used in website by the...


Calendar now 2.0

Calendar now is multi-platform compatible. CalendarNow is a highly dynamic piece of software. Features embed ed in our software run using real-time...



Devbistro is a site that helps the webmasters to post their web based jobs freely and find suitable freelancers. They provide an exchange of...



EasyAds allows user to add ad's in website with builtin facility of recording statistics with ease of implementation. Clicking an ad reveals the...


Javascript Pro

Javascript Pro can be used in website building. The software can design web sites for you without you writing even a single line of code. Contains...


movies @ offers a categorized Flash movie archive available for download. Categories included are Scripting movies, Special effects, Text...


MyDB Studio EE beta 3

MyDB Studio is a php based program that helps users to create php code and query. You can create your own template code through Embed Markup In...


PHP Runner 1.0.0

PHP Runner is a simple but useful program to preview a PHP file easily without saving or uploading to server or using other programs to run your...


Pyle 0.2.0

Pyle, a Wikiclone written entirely in python is an implementation of a program sharing general ideas with the original WikiWiki developed by Ward...



This program comes with the ability to allow the webmasters to build tab menus on their websites. It can also create a small XP mouse over effects...


Trafficwolf Marketing 2.IV

Trafficwolf Marketing is Unix compatible. TrafficWolf is an easy to install site referral system. It helps you in website promotions by allowing...


Wildform Flix Pro 3.I

Wildform Flix Pro is a leading Flash video encoding and design tool that will help you to create professional caliber videos, very easily. With its...


EmbeVi 1.4b1

EmbeVi Project - Auto Embed Video From Link

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Object HTML rc

Object HTML - create static HTML files, embed them in C/C++ programs

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Utah UAV 1.0

utah-uav is an interface that displays areal video in mosaic form for wide area context and in super-resolution for increased detail.


Inout Videos Standard & Ultimate

Inout Videos is a powerful, feature rich, fully customizable video portal script that works on PHP + MySQL. This is a highly search engine...

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VideoLab .NET 3.1

The VideoLab is a set of .NET components, based on OpenWire 3.x for fast video processing. They allow fast complex video manipulations with zero...

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Log Analyzer: Trends 2.2

Log analyzer: Trends: standalone web log analyzer software. Generate reports for daily, weekly or monthly trends in statistics: unique visitors,...

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TsyxAxisCamera 1.00

Used to connect Axis network Camera.This component has been created to solve version problems of the Axis ActiveX in Delphi. When you connect the...

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